Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 32

Imagine a world where everyone your come in contact with is grinning ear to ear. A world where all people walking toward you are smiling. Put Nolen Reed in his Baby Bjorn and this is just what you get. He rides along smiling at everyone he meets. I say this all the time, but this kid is SUCH a people person. He loves meeting new people. No matter where we are, who we see, no matter how tired or hungry he is, the second we are around people he is all smiles.

We flew to Baltimore this weekend for some quality time with my sister and her fiance. Flying with an 8 month old is a little more intimidating, then the last time we flew, with a 3 month old. 8 month olds move. 8 month olds don't like sitting still for 3 hour plane rides. This 8 month old entertained every person on the plane. Smiling over our seats, laughing around the side of the seat, he had everyone within a 10 foot radius smiling and laughing. I love this kid.

As we waited for our stroller everyone who walked off the plane had something to say. "Oh my gosh, I'd fly with him anytime." "Oh he is just the cutest little man, and that hair!" "I've never seen a baby make so many friends on a plane before." Even the flight attendants said, "Oh look who's on our flight, we were admiring him at the security check point."

We lucked out with this one folks, I have a feeling the next baby is going to be a doozy. (And no I'm not pregnant.)

On a side note... we had a celebrity siting. Remember Jake from the Bachelor? Jake and Vienna Jake, dancing with the stars Jake?!? Well on our flight home we were in the front row, 1C & 1D. My mom kept insisting that the pilot "looked just like the bachelor." She asked the flight attendant who confirmed, our pilot was Jake. It looks like his days of fame have been traded for flying 'puddle hoppers' for Delta.

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