Monday, November 12, 2012

GQ vogue 12'

If you remember...
Nolen got to do a shoot with Parenting magazine last year.
He was a stud.

Well he got to do it again this year!
(Go grab an issue of 32 & 34!)

Santa Baby

A lot can change in a year.
Last year we were a little scared of Santa.

This year we loved him.
Oh yeah...
and we have a Hudson now too!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

the end

5 months ago, this seemed like an eternity.
A whole summer 
plus a 3 month maternity leave with my boys...

Fast forward to now,
where in the world has the time gone?

In one week I will be returning to work.
It makes me feel ill.
My boys and I are in a grove,
we've got a good thing going,
and it's all about to come to a screeching halt.

I was SO hoping we would have won the lottery before this day.
Or perhaps, I would have sold twice as many Poms.
Or even a new career as a "lady of the evening" 

There's things that you miss when your a working mom,
sweet baby things...

I'll miss being the one to feed that sweet baby boy.
(the pump just isn't the same)

I'll miss cheering and doing the pee-pee dance every time Nolen goes potty.

I'll miss snuggling in bed with my littles as they slowly wake up.

I'll miss Nolen yelling "MOMMMY, MOMMY, my c*ock is yellow (clock that is)" 
when he wakes from his nap.

I'll miss those sweet baby dimples, and those innocent baby smiles all day long.

I'll miss our walks to the park, singing the ABC's as we stroll.

I'll miss being the one to drop off and pick up Nolen from school, 
talking to his teacher, and celebrating his day.
(we've been doing good!)

I'll miss our impromptu dance parties after lunch.

I'll miss playdates with my mommy friends.

I'll miss those boys.

Oh, will I miss those sweet boys.