Sunday, March 23, 2014

my loves

Mommy got a new camera lens for her birthday.
I think I'm in love.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

4 months...1 post....go!

Lots of things going on...

Nolen started T-ball.  (Go DevilRays!)
Daddies the coach,
Mommies helping in the dug-out.

(PS, check out the sponsor ;( )

Mommy turned 32.
We celebrated with friends at Epcot.
(Everyone had to buy a hat in a different country)

Little wild man still has a sweet, snuggly, baby side
He gives some nice lovies!

Nolen danced with his first belly dancer.
He knew just where to stick that dollar  :-/

These boys are finally starting to play together.
Love these little moments.

Mr. Cool LOVES hoods, pacis, and sunglasses.

 Look who can write his name!!!

(Proud teacher Mommy here!)

Hudson has found his voice.
He is all BOY and so much fun!

They are learning to team up against us...


 Nolen got a new "fort bed!"  
Our hope is that one day Hudson will share the bottom bunk.
(That is going to be tricky though, 
I plan on keeping him in a crib until he's 24.)

We made Valentines for Nolen's class.

We had lunch with Doc (and Sophia, and Handy Manny, and Jake.)

Mommy professed her love to Daddy...

Nolen turned 4!

And Hudson....Oh I love this boy!

He is 4! {and amazing}

Happy belated 4th birthday to my best buddy.

You are a complete sentence talking,
big boy clothes wearing,
joke telling,
amazing little man.

You go to school 2 days a week.
You do gymnastics.
You play tee-ball like a champ.

You are even nice to brother at times :)

Cannot believe you are 4.  
You just keep getting cooler little man.
I love you (more then there are clouds in the sky!)

This year we celebrated with a Bubble Guppies/ My-gym party.
Your first away from home party.

The after party was spend dancing on tables with belly dancers