Saturday, October 2, 2010

week 29

Working full time and having a baby doesn't leave much time for Mommy. I'm okay with this, my eyebrows may have a different opinion. I had an eyebrow girl in Orlando who I LOVED. She knew just how to shape my brows to perfection. I've thought about heading back to Orlando every few months for a quick appointment, but that would be a bit extreme. So here I sat in Augusta, with a Uni-brow growing bigger by the minute. We had family pictures on Saturday so I knew something had to be done. I headed into the local nail salon (first mistake.) They put me in the back room to wait. In walks the nail lady, immediately throwing hot wax toward my face, while ON HER PHONE! I should have run, but I laid frozen in shock of what was happening (second mistake.) I am now missing half an eyebrow, sweet. That trip to Orlando doesn't seem so crazy anymore.

After our one eye-browed pics on Saturday (which I can't wait to see by the way) Nolen and I headed out to our community yard sale. First house we came to was a driveway full of baby things, nice baby things, pottery barn baby things, score! We got a push walker, an outdoor water play table and a leapfrog standing play station all for $20, yeehaw! These toys are all meant for a baby who can stand so I thought they'd be great to have on hand for the coming months. Wrong. Little man LOVES them now! He makes us hold him up for hours on end so he can play with his new goods. Things are changing, and a little to quickly for this momma. First he grew a mouthful of teeth, next he decided to start sitting up, now he only like big boy toys. Forget little rattles and plush baby toys. Don't even try teethers or baby swings. The boy thinks big. He's 7 months going on 17.

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