Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 19

So is it October 5th yet? I'm ready for you October 5th, anytime you'd like to get here! Ugh, we still have a WHOLE WEEK untill we find out the gender, the wait is killing me! In the meantime I've been busy taking every online gender prediction test, asking anyone who is willing to take a guess, and putting all those old wives tales to the test.

This is what we've come up with:

My guess: boy
Tim's guess: girl
Mrs. Chang guess: boy
Chinese gender predictor: girl
No morning sickness: boy
Not breaking out: boy
Craving sweet/ fruit: girl
Heart rate above 150: girl

Oh I could go on FOREVER! I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Lets hope little bean uncrosses it's legs and doesn't keep it's back to us. Lets also hope I don't pee all over the table after consuming 32oz of water before the sonogram.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh 2nd graders...

So I've been able to safely say that I haven't felt sick this whole pregnancy. That is until I spend the day in second grade today. The morning started off with a little girl making a river under her desk (it was more like 4 desks, we had to move the others.)

Then there was lunch. Two little boys came back from the clinic and announced (without using any r's) "Mrs. Astow, I was wunning and I saw somein gwoss and so I bawfed and den Gabriel saw my bawf and so he bawfed too."

Come on guys...keep that stuff inside. YUCK!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 18

Here we are at week 18. In the news this week... baby bean is now the size of a sweet potato. I had a doctors appointment this week and was able to listen to babies cute, little heartbeat again (155 BPM.) We were also able to schedule the "big" ultrasound for OcToBeR 5th!!! Woohoo, I took the first appointment they had at 9am! Do we have any guesses as to what baby bean is??? I'm feeling boy, but other signs are pointing toward girl?!?
I've also done some thinking this week of things that I'm beginning to miss...
  • wine

  • sushi

  • margaritas

  • brie cheese & blue cheese

  • deli sandwiches

  • sleeping on my stomach & back

  • working out as hard as I can

  • burning hot showers

  • coffee every morning

  • canned tuna

  • advil

  • all my jeans (and now some of my shirts)

On the reverse side there are some things that I'm absolutely loving...

  • my new boobs

  • being pregnant

  • my new boobs

  • having an excuse to buy a new wardrobe

  • my new boobs

  • feeling the healthiest I have in a long time

  • my new boobs

  • feeling little bean wiggle around in there

  • being pregnant in general, what an awesome experience this is!

All in all I LOVE being pregnant, I really feel great. I would happily give up any of the things I'm missing for this experience. It rocks!

Start sending those gender guesses in...I'll be watching :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We have movement!!! Week 17

It's happened...I've finally felt little bean in there!!! It happened on Saturday as I was getting my fix of The Real World on TIVO. At first I thought my stomach was itching again (I've been very itchy these last few weeks.) So as I sat on the couch I itched away. Only this "itch" wasn't being scratched. Thats because it wasn't an itch at all. It was more of a tickle, from the inside! Little bean would "tickle, tickle, tickle" then it would stop. A few seconds later I would feel those tickles coming from another spot. Now I have always HATED being tickled. I think this is a result of the many years my sisters and dad would bring out the "tickle monster" and use it as a form of torture on me. They would then proceed to tickle me untill I couldn't breath and I felt as though I might pee my pants. Today, I LOVED being tickled! Tickle away little bean, tickle away :)
We're getting very anxious to find out if Little bean is a boy bean or a girl bean. The doctor said we'll find out at 20 weeks. OOohhh come on 20th week, come on sonogram! There are so many cute baby things out there just waiting to be purchased. Green and yellow just aren't as cute as pink and blue!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 16

Happy Labor day weekend everyone! We've officially hit the 4 month mark this week. Little Bean is now the size of an avocado. I think this calls for a celebration, anyone want to go for Mexican food?!? My book said that it is now possible for the baby to hear you, and recognize your voice. It also said that you should talk to your baby often. I tried talking to little bean, but felt kind of silly, not to mention a little crazy, doing it when I was home alone. So now my way of talking to baby is by announcing everything I'm doing out loud. This is WWAAYYY less crazy, :) "Good morning baby, we're going to take a shower, oh, we get to use my new Philosophy shampoo...OK time to eat breakfast..."I also have been reading my magazines out loud. (This one might be genetic, I hear my mamaw does the same thing now.) My favorite read is my US weekly. "Oh baby, did you know that Jennifer Anniston was dissed by her newest beau, he left her for Renee Zelleweger...and Demi Moore is claiming she has never had plastic surgery, whatever!" Little Astor will be born, filled with knowledge of the the latest celebrity gossip!