Thursday, April 28, 2011


Bunny was a present from Grandma JoJo. Bunny is a stuffed bunny literally the size of Nolen. Nolen flippin loves this bunny, he loves to shake his hand. Mr. A mentioned that bunny had a striking resemblance to Chucky. Hence began the adventures of bunny. You see, bunny has been finding his way around our house, scaring the living daylights out of us. It all began one night as I was in the laundry room, I turned to leave and ran into bunny greeting me in the doorway *WTF...screeeeh.* Next I helped bunny travel to the master bathroom where he greeted Mr. A in the middle of the night (ha!) The following day, bunny was standing, staring at me bedside when I woke up, pink eyes and all. I decided that bunny might want to go to work with Mr. A so into the lexus he went. Bunny oh Bunny.

Our bunny game came to a screeching hault last night with the latest prank. Mr. A was trying to hang bunny from the 2nd story. Instead bunny came crashing down, without his head. Nolen watched, processed what was happening, and then screamed bloody murder. We'll have some explaining to do when he has a lifetime fear of bunnies.

14 months old

My little baby is a little toddler. As sad as I am to admit it, he looks like a little boy now, no baby here. With his new hair do, and his big boy clothes... he might as well be telling me I can't kiss him in front of his friends anymore, or that he is heading off to college, going on dates with girls that will never be good enough for my little guy. Sigh. (I may be getting slightly ahead of myself.) And then there's Daddy whose already trying to plan my 30th birthday. Geez, I just turned 29, let me enjoy the end of my twenties would ya?! Anytime the age clock would like to stop would be A-ok with me!

Here's what you've been up to:

You eat mostly table foods these days, except for your fruit puree for breakfast. Some of your current favorites are olives, hummus, crackers, carrots, veggie chicken nuggets, cheese, pasta, veggie corn dogs, just love to eat!

  • Your into climbing. You can climb anything, anywhere. Steps, the sofa, hills. Nothing scares this boy.

  • You now toot, look to make sure we heard, then proceed to laugh at your toot. Such a boy!

  • Your 22 pounds

  • You wear size 6-12 month bottoms and 12-18 tops. (That little tushy can't hold your pants up.)

  • You would spend 24/7 outside if we let you. You love to be outside, hot/cold, sunny/rainy, windy/hurricane...who cares. You love to be out, getting dirty & wet and running barefoot. Mommy & daddy are going to buy stock in the baby sunscreen industry.

  • Sunday, April 24, 2011

    Good news & bad news

    The good news: We dropped the last feeding! Momma is done with nursing. Little man is good, I'm good, this is good. 13 months of liquid gold! I can now have a glass of wine (or 4) before 7pm bedtime, yay! We're free (until the next one.)

    The bad news: Mommies "Pam Andersons" are gone, and right before bathing suit season. This is NOT good.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    First hair cut.

    Little guy got his first cut (tear)...




    Boys weekend

    As I mentioned before my sister had her Bridal Shower and Bachlorette party this past weekend. It was going to be a super quick trip up north, arriving late Friday and leaving Sunday.

    I decided to let Daddy stay home with Nolen so they could have some male bonding time. I thought it would be good for them to walk around in their boxers (and diapers) and partake in some farting contests (isn't that what boys do?)

    This was the first time that Mr. A had been alone with him overnight, never mind 2 nights in a row (yikes.) Mommy was a nervous wreck, stomach in knots. I knew perfectly well that he could handle it, it was just all the "what if's." What if he forgets to feed him for 2 days, what if he doesn't wake up when Nolen wakes up , what if he forgets to close the bathroom door and Nolen falls into the toilet, what if he forgets to put butt paste on that little tushy?? It helped that the drinks were flowing at all the bridal events that weekend, helped take my mind off of butt paste for awhile and enjoy myself.

    Turns out the boys did just fine, in fact they did awesome! Thank you Daddy for taking such good care of our little guy all weekend, you rock!

    Monday, April 18, 2011


    A nun, a nurse, 2 teachers, and a rocket scientist get in a car together. Stop me if you've heard this one. Oh wait, unfortunately it's not a joke, this was my reality last night. Flying home for Baltimore (my sisters Bridal & Bachlorette party) our connecting flight from ATL got canceled. Normally I would have swooped up my free hotel stay and taken a sick day. This week however is the huge standardized state assessment, big deal, no absences. So flight gets canceled, my mom and I make some friends sitting near, and off we go in our Hertz rental car. 2.5 hours and 3 new friends later we're home. Tired, Nolen deprived, and home at 2am. yawn. (I should also mention that 5 other Delta flights were delayed/canceled next to us for various reasons; no pilot, broken plane, no plane. Way to go Delta.)

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Spring break...aahhh

    This week was my spring break from school. Mr.A had tickets to the Masters, and I had a baby shower in Orlando. It was the perfect excuse for a week in FL. Florida oh Florida how I've missed thee. I was just starting to feel at home in Augusta, then I got bit by the Celebration bug. It felt like I never left. The shopping, the restaurants, my friends, Celebration, sigh. I miss it, dearly. Here is a run down of my top ten (or twenty) favorites of Spring Break 2011:

    1. Spending an entire week with my little man, no work, no distractions, just good quality time.

    2. Beer funnels & wet t-shirt contests (kidding, but remember when that's what spring breaks were made of?!?)

    3. Visiting JoJo & Papa in Amelia Island. A quick trip to the beach turned little man into a fish, he loved the water, couldn't get enough.

    1. 8 days of girl time with MomMom, Starbucks for lunch, sure. shopping for 9 hours, no problem.

    2. Shopping until we dropped, oh how I've missed real shopping! Outlets, malls, baby Joes jeans...they have everything here!

    3. Lunch with Danielle & Bentley. They are friends from Augusta who have recently moved to Orlando. Such a random/ surreal afternoon, loved it!

    4. Play date with Terri & Joshua. These guys had their first play date when they were just a few weeks old. It was so fun to see them together again, this time talking and running with each other. They even shared a Cheerio or two, and pushed each other around on a ride-on toy, adorable!

    1. Visits with Aunt Heidi & Uncle Aaron. Heidi's got her own little bun in the oven, and we can't WAIT for him to get here! We got to shower him (and Mommy) with love and presents on Saturday!

    2. The Celebration Pie festival- $10 all you can eat pie, every kind, enough said.

    3. Mollie!!! It was ChangAstor back in action. Oh how I miss you!

    4. Visiting my old school, loved being able to introduce Nolen. He was still in my belly the last time they saw him, he's grown just a little since then.

    5. Sushi @ Seito, TurkeyStackers @ The Tavern, 1905 salad & Sangria @ Columbia, Yumyums @ Crave (insert salivating mouth) I think I've gained 10 pounds. If there's one thing Orlando has, it's good food!

    6. Having Jennifer (my old eyebrow expert) fix my eyebrows, she just has that special touch that I haven't quite found anywhere else yet. She was speechless about the current state of my eyebrows. I believe her exact words were "The end of your left eyebrow is missing, the middle of your right one is gone, and your left eyebrow is much higher then the right." A plane ticket to Orlando every few months for my eyebrows isn't sounding so crazy anymore.

    7. Two full pool days. No worries, just sun & fun with little man.

    8. Little man meeting the same Easter bunny that he did when he was only a month old. How awesome to see how much he's grown (not to mention, he flippin' loved that bunny.)

    9. 9 days, FL sunshine, no work, amazing!

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Happy 13 months!

    Same bunny, new year!

    This week is Mommies spring break. We hauled booty out of Augusta as Masters week arrived. Perfect excuse for a little Florida sunshine and visits with old friends (our old Easter bunny included!)

    I'm a crazy mommy, I'm not good with change. There are some things that have just become second nature and I see no reason to mess with a good thing; nursing, bottles, those cute monthly stickers announcing his age. Sigh. I excitedly announced when I found these stickers for months 13-24! Mr. A did not share in my excitement. "You are going to be putting stickers on him at 96 months!" Well maybe, but I seriously doubt they make them. Here's what you've been up to this month:

  • 20 pounds and 30 inches

  • You eat more table food then baby food. Grilled cheese, edaname, mac-n-cheese, hummus on pita, chicken & barley soup, shredded cheese, apple slices, and an occasional french fry (or a few more on vacation-eek) are your favs.

  • You're WALKING! More like running, there's no more crawling for this one, he's a man on a mission.

  • You wear size 12-18, onesies are starting to look a bit ridiculous on this big boy.

  • You say, "Momma, Daddy, MomMom, Coffee, byebye, hi, uh-oh, woof woof, hanny manny, apple.)

  • Your favorite toys are the mop, broom, and swifter. I see a baby Hoover coming in someones Easter basket this year!

  • Your finger has found your nose, such a boy ;(

  • You've been practicing your Houdini moves and are trying your best to escape your crib.