Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking a stroll down Memory lane...

Everyone is pregnant, literally everyone. I love this for them. I love that so many people are going to get to join in on this journey. Being a Mommy is just plain awesome! All these bellies sent me into a trip down memory lane. I went back looking through pregnancy pictures, remembering little mans arrival. I'm so glad I have it documented on here because in my head this last year is a blurr.

When I think back 8 months ago, I just have to laugh. I was clueless. I remember minutes after Nolen's arrival the nurse told me it was time to feed him. "But I didn't take the class, I kept meaning too, but the times never worked out, and I never took the class, I mean I've read some books, but the class, I never took a breast-feeding class." The nurse just laughed and pulled out my milk factories. Nolen started eating immediately, even without the class.

Later that same night it was time for bed. The nurse told me I'd have to set my alarm clock for every 2 hours. I looked at her like she had 2 heads. Did this women not know that I just gave birth. Did she not know how tired I was. Little did I know that alarm clock would be sounding every 2 hours for the next 8 months and counting.

You can read the books, you can read, you can talk to other mommies, but you really have no clue until that little one is here. Memories...

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  1. I know right? By my last count I have 20 friends that are pregnant! And they're all due March/April/May. It really has my wheels turning to the point where the last 3 nights I've dreamt that I was pg! Ahhh...we're not there yet!

    Haha...but really, you have no clue at all until that little one arrives. I knew I'd be tired, I knew things would be tough for a while until we got adjusted, I knew our lives would change. What I didn't know was how my perspective on just about everything changed as well. Everything is viewed thru my mommy lens now and every action I take is taken with Noah in mind. Such an odd feeling.