Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good answer

We still have yet to buy Nolen his own Disney ticket.  
The cut-off age is 2, and well 3 is really close to 2 right?!?

It also helps to have him sit in the stroller, and pull the canopy over
as we glide though the ticket gate.
Today we got stopped.

Ticket lady:  Does he have a ticket? 

Me: No, I , uh.... (stumbling like a fool)

Ticket Lady: How old are you? (looking at Nolen)

Nolen: Poopy

Love this boy.

Nolen: +1
Disney: +0

(Those kissy lips are from Cinderella!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


THIS is what it's all about...
making the most out of these 8 short weeks!

Bye Bye Baby Curls

Hudson had his first hair cut.
His sweet, wild, baby soft curls are gone!
Officially moving into little boy status.
(How is it that a haircut ages them 3 years?)

(Here is the before)

In fine Orlando fashion, we were sure to make his 1st haircut special.
To the Magic Kingdom barber shop we went.
Lots of stickers, fun Mickey toys, and  a "1st Haircut" mouse ear keepsake.

Little man was a trooper, sitting extra still and never shedding a tear.
He left the crying to Mommy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

No more PACI!!!

I feel safe in writing this now.  
We are on day 3 with no paci!
Thats 3 naps, and 3 nights pacifier FREE!

You may remember when we attempted this last year.
And failed miserably.

We had tried everything. 
 Letting him cry it out.
Cutting the tips off.  
Having the paci fairy take all the pacis and bring surprises instead.
Nothing worked, paci was here to stay.

I don't know what came over me this week, but I decided to go for it again.
I explained to Nolen that if he kept using his pacifier then he was going to have 
some really messed up teeth. 
I then proceeded to show him pictures of just that,
really bad teeth.

I didn't realize he had even been listening to me until this morning.
He came downstairs, proudly announcing that he didn't need that paci anymore.

N: You know why I don't need it anymore Mommy?
M: Is it because you are a big boy buddy?
N: No, it's because I don't want bunny teeth.

In the end it was 3 year old vanity that won.