Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(can't belive I'm typing...) 8 Months!

8 months pregnant was a lifetime, 8 months with a baby Nolen was a flash. He is still so little but the things he can do seem so big. He knows things, he knows people, he remembers things, he has his own personality. I know I complain about him waking up throughout the night, but secretly I love all those extra cuddles. Like a good wine, he just keeps getting better.

Here is what you've been up to this month:

  • You sit like a pro, not wobbly at all. In fact you can do a complete 360 while sitting. Round and round you go (spread the legs, close them, spread the legs, close them.)

  • You love eating on most days. 2 meals a day (fruit and veggie,) plus your milk.

  • We're STILL nursing (waawhoo, we're getting so close to our 12 month goal!)

  • Your favorite game is called "Boo." Someone holds you as we sneak around a corner, wall, etc. The other person the jumps and yells "aahhhh!" You laugh, we do it twenty more times. Belly laughs= good times!

  • Your in size 2-3 diapers & 6-12 month clothes. Growing like a weed (an adorable weed.)

  • I jinxed it before by not knocking on wood, but I'll try it again. Your sleeping pretty good again these days. Down at 7, up at 4, then up again around 5 or 6. Totally doable for Mommy!

  • Current favorite song: The Itsy Bitsy Spider. (hand motions included)

  • Current favorite toys: Tv Remote, cup, cardboard box, paper & spoon.

  • You are so social. You love being around people, and love getting out of the house. If you stay home too many days you get a little grumpy until we take you somewhere.

  • You have 8 teeth and counting.

  • Your taking your first trip to Maryland. Maybe we can find some pureed crab meat or UTZ potato chips!

  • You get SO much attention everywhere you go. People want to talk to you (and touch you, yuck!) Their reactions usually go something like, "Oh is that red hair?!" No it's purple. "Oh my, are those teeth I see?" No, they're chic-licks.

  • Still not crawling, but I think your going to very soon. If you spot something on the other side of the room can roll to it in a matter of seconds. You also love to push off of things with your feet. More so than crawling, I think your trying to walk.

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