Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 15

So here we are at week 15...almost 4 months along! Throughout this whole adventure people keep asking "what have you been craving?" I keep responding with "nothing." That is until I think back to the extreme measures that I have gone to, to get certain foods. In the beginning it was bagels with cream cheese and apples. I had a slight melt-down one morning (full on tears) when I realized that Tim had eaten the last bagel. I panicked for a moment before rushing out the door to Publix. Craving, I think so! These days I can't seem to get enough icees or any kind of frozen drink. I made Tim stop at the gas station on the way home one night so I could get my fill of Icees. Well wouldn't you know it, all 4 icee machines were turned off. Nothing but Icee liquid :( At this point I went from really wanting an Icee to NEEDING an Icee right that moment! We frantically thought of other places in town that might have these delicious little drinks.... The movie theater!!! $4.5o later I had my cherry icee in hand. Happy wife= Happy life :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

14 weeks

Not much new here...the belly (and the baby) are both growing everyday. Baby Astor can now suck it's thumb, wiggle it's toes, and make urine (interesting.) It's spleen, kidney, and liver are all busy developing. That little liver has a good 18 years to thrive before it's time for college :) (I kid, I kid, kind of.) Little bean is also the size of a lemon.

School started today, I'm pretty brain dead from a LONG day. Opening a new school is a great adventure, but I sure will be glad when all the kinks get smoothed out. I bought a book to read to them, it's called "My Teacher is Having a Baby." It should help answer some questions the next few months when they think their teacher is getting fatter by the day. It should also spark some other questions, "Where do babies come from? How do they get out of there?" I'll be quick to tell them that Mommy and Daddy would LOVE to explain that to them when they get home :) Oh the joys of 2nd grade.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jumping bean...

So ever since I discovered that I was pregnant I decided to stop drinking caffeine. Different people say different things, so I thought I'd play it safe and avoid it all together. This means no coffee (yikes, that was a tough one), no sweet tea, no soda! Well tonight was open house at school. My day started at 7:30am and ended around 6:30pm. Our schools police officer must have noticed that my eyes were getting heavy because he surprised me with a coke! One won't hurt right?!? Well I don't know what that coke had in it, but I was feeling things I've never felt before. My stomach felt like it contained a dozen butterflies, fluttering away. At one point I felt that "drop" you feel when your on a roller coaster, followed by a thud. More butterflies and "vibrating" ensued. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that was baby bean I was feeling. Mental note- Baby Astor does NOT need any more caffeine, EVER!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 13

Is it just me or did this belly grow this week?! I think I first noticed on Wednesday... wearing my jeans all day was not working well. In fact it hurt. It was that feeling you get when you've been to an all-you-can-eat buffet and you did in fact eat all you could eat. Needless to say I drove home with my pants unbuttoned hoping that I didn't get pulled over, or see anyone that I know. My jeans= too small, Maternity jeans= too big....time to pull out my bella-bands!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First test...check!

So baby bean had it's first test this week, the NT scan. It's a combination of tests that look for Downs syndrome and Trisomy 18. It started with an ultra sound where they measured the baby's neck and nose. This proved to be a little more difficult then expected because little Astor would not sit still. Baby Astor also thought it would be funny to put it's hands over it's face while the nurse was trying to get a nose measurement. A few more flips and kicks and the measurements were finally recorded. Next step blood work... A week later we were told that baby bean passed with flying colors. 1 in 10,000- doesn't get any better then that! Go baby go!!!
Also in the news this bean is now the size of a peach! That's a long way considering it was just a poppy seed 12 weeks ago!

Monday, August 10, 2009

If you look very closely...

So if you look very, very closely you can see a teeny, tiny baby bump! Here we are 3 months along, and still not looking very pregnant. In fact some might look at me and say, "it looks like she ate donuts all summer," or "too many cerverzas for this senorita!" Well there's only so many people you can announce your news to... the grocery clerk, the UPS man (his wife is due the same week), the strange lady who floats next to you in the pool...sigh. I guess you could say that I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting a real baby bump and my new maternity wardrobe (Thanks Heather!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just making sure...

So the first "just incase" test I took was not very convincing. The directions said single blue line meant 'not pregnant' while a blue cross meant 'Pregnant.' Well my cross was more of one very dark blue line, and another kind-of-there blue line. I wasn't convinced. I then proceeded to drive to target (the one far away from my house) to get some second opinions. I had no idea there were so many options. Smiley faces, words, pink lines, blue crosses, brand names, bobo brands, etc... What's a girl to do? Well this girl bought all of them, I wasn't taking any chances! One by one I saw smiley faces, double pink lines, "pregnant", and blue crosses. Still not convinced I took a few more in the afternoon, just incase these had all been false postives. Same news...time to call the doctor!

Here we go!

So I'll take you back to where this little journey began. I was suppose to have surgery on July 2nd. Nervous and anxious, I had to work my nerves up for weeks preparing to "go under." Well a few days before surgery (one day after our 1st anniversary) we had a little surprise. There would be no surgery. Instead we found out we're having a baby! SuRpRiSe :) A little sooner then we had planned, but we couldn't be more excited. Blessings really can come in small packages! I had my 2nd ultra sound on August 4th. It revealed a little bean with as much energy as it's dad! Baby Astor was bouncing, kicking, waving, and twirling. I think at one point it actually did the tomahawk chop. Was this a glance of things to come...oh geez!