Tuesday, October 30, 2012

THIS just happened

Following bath tonight 
Nolen was running around commando
as I got Hudson in his PJ's.

His little hand wanders 
"down there."

N: What's this Mommy?
M: Ugh, is there something on it...
N: No, what's this mommy? (pointing to his manhood)
M:  That's your peepee buddy, you p*nis
N: Whats this mommy (pointing to the other part)
M: (Oh dear lord, where is daddy when you need him)
Those are your balls buddy.
N: *high pitched screaming cry* 

Alrighty then.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Every morning Nolen wakes up and asks to come into our bed.  
We've had the exact same conversation
EVERY morning since Hudson has been here.
(that's 4.5 months to be exact)

"*gasp* HUDSON just wake up!
I give Hudson kiss?
Hi brother, I love you,
you came out of mommies belly."

Hudson just sits and smiles.
Brother love is 

Friday, October 26, 2012


How cool will it be, when in 20 years
they can say...
"We've been best friends since before we were born."
I mean come on, pretty awesome.

Nolen and Joshua are definitely Bff's
Already causing a ruckus together at age 2.
Love these little men.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4 month stats

My sumo wrestler is growing by the day.

Today was his 4 month appointment...

Weight: 17.6 pounds (oy!)  (83%)
Length: 26 3/4"  (91%)
Head: 17 1/4 (93%)

He got 3 more shots.
Let out a little whelp 
and then it was back to smiles.  

Doctor cleared you for food.
(Good because Mommy started giving it to you 2 weeks ago)

Said you should be sleeping 8 hours a night,
NOT in Mommy & Daddies room (oops!)

So looks like the crib it is tonight, 
for real this time

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sunday Fun-days have changed a lot since our college days.
They're way more funner (yes, thats a word.)

We didn't even leave the neighborhood today,
we didn't have to
it was a perfect day.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Terrible two's

We are officially in full swing of the terrible two's.  
Naive me thought that since they didn't occur the day he turned two, 
that we had somehow magically avoided them. 
Terribly wrong.
 They're here, oh are they here.

Add a few more fun things into the mix: 
-New baby brother
-First time in school
-Potty training

These are the days that I'm glad they make BIG bottles of wine.

We have about 20 tantrums a day.
I'm talking thrown on the floor of Pottery Barn Kids, 
kicking and screaming, tantrums.

Everything is an argument.
M: "Look Nolen an airplane."
N: "No a helicopter."
M: "No buddy that's an airplane, see  the wings..."

N: "Oh it is heat outside."
M: "You mean it's hot outside"

And then there's potty training...

(After the pacifier debacle I wasn't even going to attempt it until he was 12.)
Fortunately (or unfortunately) Nolen took the lead on this one.
He was asking to use the potty so I figured we better go with it.
He's honestly rockin' the potty,
 but there are those times...
Ohhh those times.

Mommy is taking lots of deep breaths these days.
Nolen also throws just enough cuteness in throughout the day so that we don't kill him.  
Toddlers are smart like that.

4 months old, whew!

It seems like I was JUST writing your 3 month post.
Probably because I did just write it, last week :-/

Happy 4 month birthday sweet boy.
You are Oh-So-Sweet.

Your smiling more and more.
Laughing sweet belly laughs.

You ran out of diapers this weekend, but it was fine...
you easily fit into big brothers diapers.

Mommy terribly miscalculated your wardrobe.
Silly me bought you size 12 month Christmas jammies,
instead we're rocking them before Halloween so we don't outgrow them.
(Someone please tell me Hannah Anderson runs small, and that my little man isn't THAT BIG!)

Mommy and Daddy left you and brother alone for the first time.
We headed to Amelia to celebrates Daddy's 30th birthday.
Lots of drinks, and some late night fried chicken,
Oy, we're officially too old for that!

I keep trying to put you in your crib.
You keep ending up back next to me :)

You've also just had food for the first time.
Couldn't shovel that rice cereal in fast enough.
I think you're going to be a sumo wrestler.

Loving every ounce of you little man!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 months already little one

Little man, mommy is so sorry
I am just now writing your 3 month post 
and you are practically 4. 
Second child syndrome already. 
 Our chaotic days are making this time go fast, 
scary fast.
 I'm trying to soak up every minute because I know
my return to work is right around the corner.
(dear lottery, can I please win you, like tomorrow?)

Here's what you've been up to:

You are still my rockstar baby.
You smile all the time, with some awesome dimples.
You are the perfect amount of chunkiness (15 pounds worth.)
You easily fit into big brothers diapers (size 2 or 3)
You laugh out loud now, melting mommies heart.
You are wearing size 6-12 month clothes.
You eat like a man, every 2 hours, oy!
You are sleeping in your own crib now
but only for 2-3 hours at a time.
You are turing over at times, rolling from side to side, 
and sometime from belly to back.

Love, love, love you little man.

4 letter word

See this very tall Lego tower.
 Nolen spent 30 minutes carefully putting it together,
 piece by piece. 
Shortly after I took this picture his tower fell, 
and someone yelled a 4 letter word. 
(it wasn't frog.) 
oh my

(On a side note...notice his undies...we're attempting!)