Saturday, December 22, 2012

6 months Hudson G

T minus 6 months until you turn 1, unbelievable.

You have 2 adorable bottom teeth.

You are just shy of 20 pounds (19.6)

Size 9-12 month clothes, 2 diapers

You still think your brother is the greatest thing since breast milk

Daddy survived (or should I say you and brother survived) 3 weeks of paternity leave.

At night you prefer laughing and bouncing to sleeping.

You are flipping, turning, and sliding. Right on the verge of crawling.

You felt your first bit of really cold air in NC. You looked at me like I had just fed you acid. Totally a Florida boy.

You are days away from your first Christmas.

You can sit up for a few minutes at a time.

Everything goes right in the mouth, including the strangers hair standing next to us. gross.

Such a rock star baby you are.

Snap snap

Nolen loves to grab my phone and snap away. 
Usually by the time I catch him I have about 500 new photos to delete.
 Looks like he had a cooperating subject this time...

On and on and on and...

We are headed to North Carolina for the holidays. 
 We decided that it would be easier with all of or gear to drive vs flying.
 I think we may have been drinking when we made that decision. 
 Here I sit on hour #7 of this drive. 
Poor Nolen is a snotty sick mess, Hudson just wants to be free, and mommy has to pee.

We have watched 126 episodes of Caillou and I managed to breast feed the baby while still strapped in his carseat 
(don't ask, it involved hovering over a carseat while giving the truck drivers a peep show.) 
 I'm already purchasing our plane tickets for next year!
This drive just goes on and on... 
Or as Nolen would say, "it goes off and off and off..."

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I am slowly becoming a self proclaimed
extreme couponer.

A friend showed me how it all works,
and it's becoming like a game.
A game that will come in handy with 2 growing boys.

This week there was a particularly good deal on Gas-X.
Knowing that Mr.A can get a little gassy,
I asked him if it was something he might be able to use.
It was.

Fast forward to the checkout.
I'm putting my groceries on the belt,
undigging the Gas-X that I had buried
insuring no one would see it in my cart.
(you know you all do this.)

M: Oh, isn't that suppose to be buy-one get-one?
S: Let's see. Let me grab the GAS-X out of your bag.
 No, you got the 10 count GAS-X,
It's the 18 count GAS-X thats on sale.
And your coupon is for the 14 count GAS-X.

That word must have been screamed 42 times in 5 minutes.
Last time I offer to buy that one.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mikey the Elf

Our Elf on the Shelf came a little early this year.
November to be exact.
Mommy just couldn't wait for Mikey to come visit.

This is the first year that Nolen really gets it.

He's equally amused and terrified of our little elf friend.

5 months

Oh sweet Hudson,
you just keep getting sweeter.

5 months old.
size 6-12 month clothes
pushing 20 pounds
growing some hair
and you just got your first tooth (12/1/12)
your officially ready for steak.

Mommy went back to work (SO mean.)

You are officially in your crib (please hold your applause.)
Waking up anywhere from every 1 hour, to every 4.
(Secretly I don't mind because that means a few more snuggles.)

Your silly nickname Hudson "Grandma"
is getting more permanent by the day.

Your rolling all over the place.
Scooting backwards when you're trying to go forward.
Dont' worry little buddy, you'll figure it out.

Eating like a champ.
Solids 2 x a day.

Just like your brother you turn on the charm everywhere we go.
Chubby thighs, huge dimples, and eyes that smile.

Oh my heart could just explode.

Here's a side by side of brother...

Family pictures

It's that time of year again.
Fall pictures for Winter Christmas cards.

They turned out cute.
You'd never know
 it rained right in the middle,
Nolen insisted on bringing his cleaning supplies,
both babies had breakdowns,
(as well as daddy...)

You'd never know through all this cuteness.

Love that we'll have these to look back on over the years.
They just keep getting sweeter. 


It's a popular word around our house these days.
The second that little one runs behind the curtain,
we begin begging bribing him to do it in the potty.

And when he's not doing it, he's talking about.
singing about it.
dancing to a song about it.
Poop is a funny word when you're 2 (or 30.)

Wednesday I was asking him how his day at school was.

M: Did you have time out?
N: YES! (said with the same enthusiasm as GOOD!)
M: What happened?
N: I pooped on the floor.

Still no idea if/how/when...
Teacher didn't bring it up and neither am I.

Let's just hope that's the last poopy story from school.