Saturday, November 9, 2013

You are under arrest.

There is a new sheriff in town,
and he is taking prisoners.
Better watch out for these two.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy birthday daddy vacay

We decided to celebrate daddies birthday this year with a quick trip to the keys.  Awesome food, well behaved babies, and a great time!  We made it as far as key west one day, very unexpectedly and very unprepared. Hudson proceeded to dump and entire smoothie, covering him from his sweet little head down to his toes.  No change of clothes left our little man naked walking down duval street. Fitting.



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Share Time

Today was Nolen's day at school to bring "Share Time"
(Show-n-tell in my day.)

It totally slipped my mind and I forgot to pack it for him.
(Sorry buddy )

When the time came to share his teacher said 
"Why don't you just double check your backpack, maybe mom put something in there for you."

Nolen comes back with a travel pack of tissues.
"I can share these!"

"These are my tissues,  they are white and soft.  
They are a little sticky right here so that you can open and close them. 
Open and close, open and close..."

A 5 minute impromptu speech on tissues...I'm impressed.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Last night we had a date night,
well a double date night with some good friends.
Kid free...well almost kid free...
A sweet little 6 week old decided to join us.

MomMom so graciously offered to watch our lovies.
They decided to have a date night of their own,
Chic-fila play-land and food!

I didn't get to put the boys to bed last night 
so I was anxious to see them this morning.

Nolen wakes up, in his usually way, yelling down the hallway... 
"Good morning Mommy, it's my wake up time!"
(waking Hudson up along the way...did I mention this occurs at 6:30?)

He climbs into bed with us for some morning snuggles.
No talking, just snuggling, then out of nowhere,
"You looked very beautiful for your date night Mommy, just like a Princess."

My heart be still.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Double Trouble

Look at these two...
same strut, 
same swinging arms,
same kind of trouble.
Love them to pieces.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our new normal

Today marks week #3
week # 3 of being HOME with my babies, when I usually would be in school
It still feels new, like I'm in a really
sweet dream.
Going part-time this year feels too good to be true.
It's made me a better teacher and a better mommy.

I get to to wake up with my babies, snuggle them, play with them...
3 extra days every week.
You have no idea how happy my heart is.

Today I got to take Nolen to school.
I got to meet his teacher, 
the other mothers, 
I got to hug him and wish him luck on his first day of school.
It's the little things.
This is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good answer

We still have yet to buy Nolen his own Disney ticket.  
The cut-off age is 2, and well 3 is really close to 2 right?!?

It also helps to have him sit in the stroller, and pull the canopy over
as we glide though the ticket gate.
Today we got stopped.

Ticket lady:  Does he have a ticket? 

Me: No, I , uh.... (stumbling like a fool)

Ticket Lady: How old are you? (looking at Nolen)

Nolen: Poopy

Love this boy.

Nolen: +1
Disney: +0

(Those kissy lips are from Cinderella!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


THIS is what it's all about...
making the most out of these 8 short weeks!

Bye Bye Baby Curls

Hudson had his first hair cut.
His sweet, wild, baby soft curls are gone!
Officially moving into little boy status.
(How is it that a haircut ages them 3 years?)

(Here is the before)

In fine Orlando fashion, we were sure to make his 1st haircut special.
To the Magic Kingdom barber shop we went.
Lots of stickers, fun Mickey toys, and  a "1st Haircut" mouse ear keepsake.

Little man was a trooper, sitting extra still and never shedding a tear.
He left the crying to Mommy!