Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 13

It's official, the Astor's are moving to Augusta, Georgia! Daddy got a new job (and hopefully mommy will be able to find one too!) It's always bitter sweet to move, but I think it will be a good change for our little family. Our condo has begun to feel like a really tight pair of pants after an all-you-can-eat buffet topped off with an ice cream bar. After getting married and having a baby our "button" has been waiting to burst. In our new Augusta house, we'll finally be able to breath and let it all hang out, literally, lots more space, woohoo!

Between going back to work and packing for our big move this week has been a tad bit insane! (5 school days down, only 8 more to go. I think I can, I think I can.) We've got the whole house (including Nolen) in boxes just waiting for the movers to arrive on June 11th (which also happens to be my last day of school, should be interesting!) The movers were nice enough to give us a SEVEN DAY window of when our things might arrive in Georgia. SEVEN DAYS. Do they not realize that we have a baby. Do they not realize that babies require a lot of gear. Do they not realize that our little man needs his crib so his already crazy sleep patterns don't get even crazier! Ugh, maybe if I flash them a little of my new cleavage we'll get our boxes a few days sooner. Thank you milk factories!

Little man got to meet our good friends Mark and Caroline this week! We've put them in charge of making Nolen a girlfriend or a college roommate. (The daddies managed to turn this conversation completely inappropriate, "So when you have a daughter my son is going to bang her, ;insert 12 year old boy laugh.;) I thought we'd be a little more grown-up by now, maybe next year. We've also come up with a new game called Head-rub. He sits on your shoulders and rubs your head, all while slobbering and laughing. Fun for all!

One year ago...

Exactly one year ago we were in Lakeland, Florida celebrating the union of two good friends, Brad and Hilary. Happy 1 year anniversary Brad and Hilary! Happy 1 year since your conception Nolen. It's crazy the things that happen after a few glasses of wine :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nolen's Baptism- Week 12

I'm the first to admit that we're not the most religious of people. We were both raised going to church every Sunday, first communions, CCD, the whole shabam. In our older years we haven't made it to church quite as often. Some might even call us Chr-easters (Christmas+Easter.) Whatever our current situation we both agreed that Nolen needed to be Baptized. We checked out the Catholic church in town but soon realized that had way too many requirements for these Chr-easters. Next stop Presbyterian. Here we found a laid back, blue jean wearing, motorcycle riding, Starbucks drinking pastor. We sat down with him to see what kind of requirements they had for baptisms. "Rules?!? We don't really have any rules. If you would like me to baptise your son I would be honored." replied Pastor W. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. The Astors are Presbyterian!!!
We had little one baptised this morning during a fun youth service. Pastor W. couldn't have been nicer. He kept telling us how much he had prayed for Nolen (more likely Nolen's parents.) The baptism was simple, sweet, and just what we wanted. Nolen was a rock star, not shedding a tear the entire time. And there we have it, our little man is baptized. (Funny story... the other baby getting baptized today was not only a red head, but his name was Nolan! Random!)

Check out Little mans new kicks. His first pair of Van's! He loved them so much he insisted on napping in them all day. How flippin' cute are they!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 months old

I was thrilled for Little One to turn 1 month, ecstatic for him to reach 2 months, but dreading the 3 month birthday. Not that I didn't want him to turn 3 months, but because it would mean my return to work. (As you can see Nolen was less then thrilled with the news as well.) Where did my maternity leave go. When I was walking out the door that day in February, May 24th seemed like a lifetime away. But here we are, a week away. Sigh. On the bright side I get to spend time with my favorite co-teacher, and only have 3 weeks until schools out for summer! I think I can I think I can...this is truly one of the cruelest things. Leaving my little man for 8+ hours a day. (3 weeks, only 3 weeks, 3 short weeks.) This will be my little taste of what life will be like next school year, aaahhh, I can't think about it. It makes me cry and feel a little pukey inside. OK, on to happier things.

Here's what you've been up to this month...

•Our days start when Mommy opens your curtains, unswaddles you, and you give me that big smile "good morning mommy." (melts my heart!)
•Your busy talking away. You have so much to tell us and use every opportunity to talk.
•You found your hands! You love to eat them (you can fit your entire fist into your mouth!) You love it until you stick your fingers down your throat and gag, then you look at mommy like “why did you let me do that.”
•You HATE getting into your car seat. Even if we just walk near it you start to cry until we get in the car and you fall asleep.
•Your full of smiles, you smile at anything we do these days. It makes those 2am feedings totally worth getting up for! Daddy will say “Poopy Bananas” for hours just to see you smile.
•Your still eating every 2-3 hours but mommy is totally used to it by this point. I have no problem whipping out a boobie (and my hooter hider) wherever I am. If I get a dirty look they get a glimpse of my favorite finger (kidding.)
•Your diaper changes can last for hours because the changing table is where we bond. We sing and dance and laugh for hours and hours. I think you just like having your little manhood out in the open air.
•You’ve been sleeping anywhere from 3-6 hours a night. This makes Mommy feel like a new mommy in the morning!
•You HATE Jcrew. Not sure what it is, your fine in every other store, but the second we enter Jcrew… at least you’ve saved me lots of money!
•Your now 13 pounds!
•Your wearing size 0-3, 3-6, or 6 month clothing, just depends on the brand.
•You love going on walks facing outward in your BabyBorjn. Your not too fond of the Florida heat. It makes for an interesting walk.
•You went swimming for the first time, you loved it!
•You went on your first airplane ride to North Carolina. You slept the whole time and flirted with every flight attendant.
•Your favorite toy is your baby Einstein music light up toy, it brings instant smiles. Your also enjoying your JellyCat Monkey. You love to eat him.

You make Mommy & Daddy love you more everyday, more then we ever knew possible. Life with you makes perfect sense little one!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 11- First Mothers Day

Little man is growing big. He weighs 13 pounds, now listen to how we figured this out. I had the great idea of getting on the scale alone, then getting on the scale with Nolen. Simple enough. Tim went first. He stepped on the scale alone. "What the hell, that can't be right, I was just 10 pounds lighter last week, wait a minute, lets try this again, Oh my, this is not good." Nolen weighing = FAIL. Next I gave it a try. I stepped on the scale without Nolen. "Whooaaa, I've never seen those numbers before, I have been eating a lot of girl scout cookies, when's the next gym class, yikes!" Back and forth we stepped on the scale insistent that those numbers were somehow going to magically change in 5 minutes. They didn't. Sigh. Well after a few hours of this we finally did get little ones weight. 13 pounds. At least one of us is pleased with their weight.

Growing babies, thats what every parent wants for their baby right? We want them to grow big and strong. Oh course I want him to grow but can't he stay small just a little longer? I'm trying my hardest to keep my little man little. (no I'm not starving the boy.) I'm just still trying to squeeze him into his itsy, bitsy, teeny, tiny size 0-3 clothes. Most of which he's already outgrowing, but thats impossible because he's only 11 weeks old. I blame the dryer, it's the high heat that's shrinking his clothes. It's making all these onesies extra tight around that round little budda belly. That darn dryer is also shrinking his swing, bouncer seat, and diapers. I guess we'll just need to get a new dryer

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BooginGrip Giveaway

Congratulations to Ashley #28!!! I've sent you an email for you address, your going to LOVE these holders (and one is camo for daddy!)

Nolen loves his Soothie and gumdrop pacifiers. Let me rephrase that, mommy and daddy LOVE Nolen's Soothie and gumdrop pacifiers. We never leave home (or a room) without one. I was stoked to see that they make pacifier holders, but bummed when I realized they didn't hold these paci's (ones without a little handle.) This is where BooginGrips come in. The geniuses over at BooginGrip designed a pacifier holder that holds ANY kind of pacifier! Not to mention they come in super cute patterns and colors that always coordinate with little mans outfits.

Our great friends over at BooginGrip have graciously sent me an assortment of pacifier holder and sippy cup holders to pass along to you! How to enter:
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry)

1. Become a follower of Baby Nolen's Journey or let me know that you already follow. (1 entry)
2. Check out the cuteness over at BooginHead. (1 entry)
3. Leave a comment and let me know the one baby item that you CAN'T live without these days! (or just share a funny baby story or two) (1 entry)

Drawing will be completed on 5-16-10 at 10am using Good Luck!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

baby smiles

Nolen owns about 5,000 toys. I made sure to research and buy him all the most developmentally appropriate, highly rated, most educational toys available. He was not impressed. That is until last week. I stopped by Target to get a few last minute supplies for our NC trip. I spotted a small Baby Einstein music toy and thought it would be perfect to stick in the diaper bag. Well the boy is in LOVE, with his $5.00 toy. Whatever gets those smiles :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 10- North Carolina

First off I must say that I am LOVING maternity leave. Not only do I get to spend 24/7 with my little stinker, but we're also able to take spur of the moment vacations! Some people say you shouldn't take your baby out until at least 8 weeks, well, we couldn't stay put that long. We've been going since the first week. Little one is a frequenter of Target, Baby Gap, and Starbucks. He's also traveled to the beach (Amelia Island), Augusta Georgia, and most recently the mountains of North Carolina. This trip was also his first plane ride. Yikes! I was totally stressing the days before wondering how such a little guy was going to do on a flight. Would he scream, would his ears hurt him, would he be "that baby?" Well the little one did awesome! In fact as soon as we took off he was out cold. (That could have had something to do with the fact that I shoved my boob in his mouth during take-off and landing, once again amazed at the power of boobies.)
We had a great time in NC, making sure all 4 grandparents got lots of snuggles and smiles in. Nolen liked North Carolina so much that he decided to leave behind his hair. Seriously. Our ten day trip coincided with Little mans newborn hair falling out. We left Orlando with a beautiful red-headed baby and returned with a balding (only in random spots) little man. (please note the sideburns, still very much in tack, with no hair above.)