Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hudson's nursery is coming along...

Hudson's nursery has made some progress. We're sticking with navy & white and have recently added in an airplane theme. So far...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nolen at 24 months

    You probably all ready know what I'm about to say, but really, THIS is my favorite age yet! This kid is an absolute riot, he's hysterical. Terrible twos are yet to hit (knocking on a large piece of wood.) Here's some things that you've been up to:

    • You "kind of" get that your going to be a big brother.  At this point you acknowledge my belly, ask if Hudson is still in there, tell Hudson he is pretty, and then give Hudson a hug and a kiss.   When someone asks you if you're having a little brother you respond sister.  When we ask you whats Hudsons going to do when he gets here you put on your sad face and do your best crying imitation. 
    • Your becoming a picky eater.  You seem to survive on smoothies and cereal.  Everything else gets thrown on the floor as you proclaim "Yucky!"
    • You still LOVE to clean, borderline OCD about it.  It's nothing out of the ordinary to find us out and about carrying a broom and a mop.  You've actually created your own janitorial cart out of your wagon.  You put all your brooms, mops, dusters, and vacuums into the wagon and push it around the house, stopping to clean along the way.
    • You are such a boy.  You toot, then laugh, then yell "Nolen Farted."  Mommy is totally outnumbered in this household, I better get used to it!
    • You know play store, clothing store to be exact.  You get a pile of your clothes, and then one-by-one run them through your cash register scanner, before placing them in the bag.   (I have no idea where you picked up these skills, it's not as though I take you shopping every week...) 
    • Favorite Things include:  Ducky, pillow, chips, being naked, Caillou, playing outside, & cleaning, going to Starbucks for cakepops and "coffee," walking downtown,
    • Dislikes:  Taking allergy medicine, eating anything besides cereal or smoothies, riding in the stroller for too long &  going inside.

    Egg Hunting 2012

    Easter Egg Hunt this year was a success.  This year he chose to use the "sit and gather" method, comfortably planting himself down and picking up all the eggs within reach.  

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Week 30

    How Far Along: 30-31 weeks How Big is Baby: Hudson is around 16". He's compared to a pineapple this week. He should be weighing around 3 or 4 pounds. A better title to this question should be "How big does baby feel." Little man is feeling more like big PaPa these days, heavy, big, huge. Oy, 9 more weeks.

    Clothes: My outfit of choice these days is my scummy pants (aka Yoga pants that have never been to yoga.) When I get home from work each afternoon I give Nolen kisses and run upstairs to change. Ahhh scummy pants, everyone should own a pair!

    Exercise: I went to step class this week and think it may have been my last for awhile. Things weren't feeling so hot. Hudson was less then thrilled to be jumping over a step for an hour. He let me know by kicking and stretching the rest of the night. I'll be on the lookout for a slower, more gentle class, perhaps Pilate's.

    Best Moment this week: We had girls weekend (week really) this week. That meant my sisters and mom were all together to catch up. Loved seeing my sisters, loved Nolen getting to play with his cousins. What I love even more is that we can now officially pack away the guest bed in Hudsons room and start really putting this room together. Future guests can now enjoy a lovely sofa bed!

    Food Cravings: Virgin margaritas. Yumm-O! Salted rim, lime juice, and club soda. Almost as good as the real thing.

    Movement: Moving, dancing, jumping, flipping, and heading into position for June. My belly is noticeably lower this week and mommas feeling it! Gender: Still a boy, Nolen still says sister.

    Labor Signs: I feel as though he could literally fall out, things are getting awkward.

    What I miss: Do I even need to answer this...Wine.

    What I'm looking forward to: Packing away the guest room bed, and getting this room going. Can't wait to start hanging and decorating, all the fun things!

    Weekly Wisdom: As baby gets bigger the amount of food you can get gets smaller. Think smart, desert first! Milestone: Weekly countdown is in the single digits, 9 weeks and counting!

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Maternity sneak Peak

    We recently had our maternity shots done with the same photographer who had done Nolen's. So in love with them, and loving our last photos as a family of 3.

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Little man Hudson- 30 weeks

    We got a sneak peek of the little guy today. So sweet, and already so big! Can't wait to meet you in 10 weeks little one!