Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 17

Nolen might as well be getting his drivers license, going to college, and getting married. That's just about how fast he's growing and changing these days.

On Wednesday we had the dreaded 4 month doctors appointment. Dreaded by mommy because Dr. L wasn't her favorite Dr. W in Celebration. Dreaded by mommy because this appointment meant 2 more shots. Dreaded by mommy because this was the first appointment that daddy couldn't attend with us. All of this dreading and guess what, it was all Ok! In fact it was better then Ok. I'll go ahead and say it, it was good! Dr. L walked in and immediately I knew we had a winner when my hungry, tired man starting laughing and smiling! What about those terrible shots you ask? Little man was so busy flirting with the nurse (a rather hot nurse I might add) that he never stopped smiling as she stuck him! No cry, no frown, just smiles and eyelash batting! I love this kid. (I wonder if they would get the wrong impression if I requested an attractive nurse for his 6 month shots?)

The doctor filled us in on Nolen's latest stats: weight 13.8 (28th percentile,) height 25 inches (55th percentile,) and most excitingly his head circumference is now 16.8 inches (59th percentile.) Exciting because my little bean has always had a little bean head.(Please note that I spend many pregnant nights praying for a small head, for obvious reasons.) Not anymore, his bean head caught up to the rest of him!

We've jumped right onto the great teething adventure train. ChooChoo. It's pitiful. We've tried everything to make this little guy feel better; gripe water, Oragel, 100's of teether's (including a vibrating strawberry), teething tablets, wet/frozen washcloths, frozen carrots, baby Tylenol...nothing. Well I shouldn't say that, the Oragel works, for about 2 minutes, then he licks it away (why do they make it cherry flavored?) In the meantime I'm still trying to get a picture of our newest addition. It's the cutest little bottom tooth you've ever seen. It'a all ready to start enjoying the good things in life!

Below is the customary "Babies first food" picture, some pictures from our fathers day at the Lake Thurman, some pictures in our new Johnny Jumperoo, and a few cute smiles.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4 months old!

Little man is 4 months old! I think back to February seems like forever ago and yesterday, all at the same time! What a little ham he's turning into, each day just keeps getting better!

Here's what you've been up to this month...

-You grew your first toofers!!! Your bottom right tooth broke through this week and it looks like it's next door neighbor will follow soon too! Mommy ran straight to the baby store to buy up every teether to make you feel better. I no sooner get the Baby Oragel on your little gum before your licking it up (could have something to do with the cherry flavor!)

-Your still not a sleeping machine. You like to wake up every 1,2, or 3 hours. Mommy is hopeful that this is just a phase. In the meantime we're keeping Green Mountain coffee in business.

- You can still squeeze into most of you 0-3 month clothes, but can also strut your stuff in you 6 month gear! (and lets not forget size 2 diapies!)

- You got your first pair of Vans, you love them, you love to eat them!

- Mommy finally broke down and stopped swaddling you. My little bean burrito is now an arm flailing, side sleeping little man. You love to sleep on your side with your arms above your head.

- Your FULL of smiles and have even let out a belly laugh or two! There's nothing better then getting you out of your crib each morning and getting our "Good morning to my favorite people in the whole world" smile!

- Your rolling on your side all the time, every once in awhile you'll flip to your tummy.

- Your hair is growing back's still red!!!

-Your still getting used to your new home in Augusta. You and Mommy take long walks around the house so you can check everything out. (I think you like it!!)

-You've found a new love in your life. Gone are pacifiers. You now love to chew on Mr. Duckies wing (which ironically is attached to a pacifier,) Monkeys tail, and bears arm.

-We just found out that you have 2 new friends on the way, yippee!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh familia!

Little man had a very special treat this week. He not only got to meet his aunt TaTa (my middle sister Shannon,) but he also got to meet his aunt YaYa (my oldest sister Heather,) Uncle Chris and cousins Nick and Peri! We decided that our normal names were much too boring, so we wracked our brains until we came up with some more fitting ones. Enter YaYa, Tata, and Lala (me!) I'll give you one guess how Aunt Shannon ended up as Aunt Tata...

These visits get complicated when sisters are spread across the east coast (Augusta, Baltimore, & Chicago!) My sister Shannon and her fiance were coming to Augusta at the same time that Heather (and family) were visiting my parents in NC. A little 1 hour drive to meet and the middle and we had everyone together! A total treat! It was awseome to finally see Little man meet his cousins. He was enthralled with Mr. Nick, I think they were having some much needed male bonding time. Peri was as sweet as ever, that is until she saw her mommy holding another baby! She couldn't quite figure out who this other baby was. We would have been in some serious trouble if he tried to eat her food too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 15- Hello Augusta!

Moving with a 3 month old is, well, INSANE! Moving with a 3 month old who doesn't like to sleep at night is even more INSANE! Mommy is tired. Mommy is drinking 5 cups of coffee a day.

My week so far:

Friday: Last day of school, movers at the house, get home from school,drive 5 hours (with a baby) to Savannah.
Saturday: Wake up and drive from Savannah to Augusta
Sunday: Sleep in home with no furniture, no crib, with a baby who's wide awake.
Monday: Movers move in furniture, 103 degrees (I thought I was moving "north" from Florida?!?)
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: unpack box, play with Nolen, Unpack box, feed Nolen, unpack box, put Nolen down for nap, unpack get the picture.

Tired. Thank you for listening to me vent. I promise next week will be a little better! Any readers out there that live in Augusta? This girl needs a mommy group and some directions to the mall! In the meantime enjoy a few pictures of the rooms that I've gotten together so far!

(PS: I'm LOVING our new home! Lots more space. It's official, we're REAL grown-ups now!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 14

When life gives you lemons... go buy a gigantic bottle of wine from Sam's club.(My friend Terri introduced me to a delicious Riesling that is literally 4 feet tall, I bought 2.) That's just the kind of week I'm having. The Astor's have a lot going on this week. Tim left for Augusta last Wednesday. School's not over until this Friday. Movers also come this Friday. Then Mommy, MomMom, and Nolen drive 8 hours to Augusta. Fun,fun! To top it all off, Little Man has decided that he no longer likes to sleep. He likes to wake up every 1-2 hours, all night long, every night. Tired. I've read a lot about something called the 4-month wakeful. It says that when a baby is going through a developmental milestone (rolling over, getting hand coordination, etc.) then they stop sleeping because because their little brains are busy acquiring the new skill. Well this just confirms my suspicions, Little one is advanced. He is going through his 4-month wakeful a whole month early! Genius. Either that or he's acquiring a REALLY big new skill (walking at 3 months anyone?!?)
To top it all off, Nolen is also due for his 4 month shots the week we move. These shots can't be done a week early (at our current doctor) or a week late (to give me time to find a new pediatrician.) So, after months of researching, and meeting doctors in Celebration (and finally finding one I loved) I am now putting my son in the care of a doctor that I found on Google.

(I was sure to use the word "great" in my pediatrician search, that way I would only get the best. right.)

Next week can only get better and until then...Starbucks, you are my friend.