Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 29

How Far Along: 29 weeks

How Big is Baby: Hudson is around 16". He should be weighing somewhere around 3 pounds at this point. The good news is that my last weigh in at the doctor seemed to be a little off. Weeks ago it said I was up 15 pounds, I blame my boots and sweater dress that day. My last appointment revealed that I'm only up 13 pounds. Whew, sounds much better!

Clothes: Maternity, maternity, maternity. Sadly some of my maternity clothes are getting a little snug. Holy Cow, wondering what I will be wearing in 10 weeks?!?

Exercise: I'm like the bearded lady in step class. People stare, some make comments, but I keep going. Jumping over my step like a crazy lady. Loving it, feeling good, no plans on stopping.

Best Moment this week: Super excited to have our family maternity shots done on Sunday. Same photographer who we used for Nolen, so glad to be back in FL so we can use her again!!! Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peak!

Food Cravings: Fruit salad, berries, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, loving ice cold fruit & root beer floats.

Movement: He's been a wild man, Daddy can see him dancing in my belly from across the room. I try and imagine what song he may be jamming out to in there.

Gender: Still a boy, Nolen still says sister.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks, they are a little stronger the second time around.

What I miss: Sushi & wine. Have them waiting for me when we leave the hospital!

What I'm looking forward to: Girls weekend! Every year my sisters, mom, and I plan a girls weekend. This year everyone coming to me. So excited to see Aunt Tata, and Aunt Yaya!!! My friend also mentioned that she's doing a shower for Hudson, Yay, I didn't think you got baby showers for baby #2, such an awesome surprise!

Weekly Wisdom: A classroom full of 35 2nd graders + a pregnant (no patience) teacher= horrible combination. Oh June, where art thou.

Milestone: Momma was busy nesting the week of spring break. I cleaned baby clothes, organized his closet, hung his AmAzInG curtains, put together the crib, created some nursery art, and ordered his new swing. We may appear ready, but don't' plan on coming out any time soon little man!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Same bunny, new year!

It's really the little things in life that bring a big smile to my face. Like the fact that Nolen has been able to see the SAME easter bunny his entire life. Hoppy early Easter everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Well hello 3rd trimester- week 28

How Far Along: 28 weeks

How Big is Baby: Hudson is close to 15", and weighing in at an estimated 2.5 pounds.

Clothes: Maternity, maternity, maternity. While in Arizona this week I had a day to shop and decided to try on some cute summer clothes for after Hudson is here. FAIL. These days I'm most comfortable in my scummy pants, aka, yoga pants.

Exercise: Vacation= no workouts this week. I'm okay with that. I had a doctors appointment today and it turns out that I haven't gained all that much. Only up 13 pounds total. I attribute last appointments high #'s due to winter boots and a sweater dress that I was sporting that day.

Best Moment this week: Spring break started a little early this year, with a week in Arizona. Sun, pool, and relatives to chase around little man = 1 happy momma!

Food Cravings: Fruit! Finally a craving that won't have me on the biggest loser come June!

Movement: He loves to dance! 6am, 12pm, and 9pm are his most popular times. He had some father son bonding the other day when daddy would poke him, and he would poke right back. sweet.

Gender: Still a boy, and Nolen is still insisting that he's having a sister

Labor Signs: He's still living low, so there's lots of pressure, along with daily contractions. Feels as though he could fall out at any moment, but doctor insists thats normal for a 2nd pregnancy. ( Must be because I have a loose hammock :(

What I miss: Being on vacation reminded me once again how much I miss WINE! There was also some yummy raw tuna being served that I would have loved to indulge in.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery together. Don't' know why I'm dragging my feet so much this time, woo wee...Mommy needs to get going!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't offer to fly alone with a toddler on your lap while 28 weeks pregnant. Things can get a little uncomfortable on a 4 hour plane ride. Thankfully little man was a rockstar and did great the whole flight.

Milestone: Hello 3rd trimester! Appointments are now bi-monthly, crazy!

Arizona & the rockin' ring bearer

We spent last week in Arizona for some R & R and also for a wedding. Nolen was the ring bearer and rocked! Enjoy your picture overload!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I think I've said this before...

This HAS to be my favorite age (for little man that is...well so far 30 is rockin' so maybe for both of us!) He is just so much fun these days. The perfect mix of baby & little boy. Still mommies cuddle bug, but growing more independent everyday. Learning 10 new words a day it seems, you never know what's going to come out of this kids mouth.

Here are a few of the funnies that have come out of his mouth lately:

Me:"Goodnight buddy, I love you, sleep tight"

Nolen:" Don't ret the bedbugbites"


While shopping:

Nolen: "Okay Mommie, ready to go." (daddy must have taught him this one.)


Me: "Mommies pooped." (Pooped= tired, pooped to a 2 year old= Poop)

Nolen: "Mommie pooped?!?"

Me: "Yes buddy, Mommie is pooped."

Nolen: "Daddy pooped, Mommom pooped, PopPop pooped, JoJo pooped, Papa pooped, Tata pooped..."


Nolen: " THE S MAN!!!" (translation= UPS man)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Week 26

(My little sign holder is making these pictures a little tricky.)

How Far Along: 26 weeks

How Big is Baby: Hudson is close to 15", my food comparison this week is a head of lettus. They must be referring to a large head of romaine?!?

Clothes:I tried to fit in some of my looser "regular" clothes. It wasn't pretty. Dresses were coming up extra short, the shirts extra tight. Then we had a broken zipper, followed by some tears. Pregnant dressing is getting tricky.

Exercise: I 'm still shaking it at Step aerobics. I must look like the bearded circus lady though because last week as I was bouncing over my step I kept looking up to find a audience standing, pointing, talking about me :(

Best Moment this week: Mommies officially a grownup...I turned 30 this week and I'm feeling pretty fabulous about it, life is good!

Food Cravings: Girl scout cookies, beans, pickles

Movement: Movements are getting stronger and more frequent. Soaking up every moment of this pregnancy because I know it will be over before we know it.

Gender: Still a boy

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks, but nothing too strong or frequent.

What I miss: Here goes my list of drinks again. Wine, beer, margaritas, more wine, more beer...looking forward to an ice cold beverage in my hand come June.

What I'm looking forward to:Cleaning out Hudson's closet, putting together his crib, setting up his new bedding, hanging the curtains and picking up his chair. Full on nesting mode for the nursery!

Weekly Wisdom: Always take the time to look presentable. Things like shaving your legs, applying makeup and fixing your hair. You never know when you'll walk into a surprise 30th birthday party looking like a hot mess! (Thankfully it was my closest girl friends, and there was lots of wine involved so it didn't take away from my birthday fun.)

Milestone: Last week of the 2nd trimester, whooa pregnancy, SLLoOOOWww down!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Life lesson #324, don't throw a pregnant, hormonal lady a surprise birthday party. You may just get your head bit off in the process.

Let me take you back to Saturday. Mr. A and my mom were busy at work getting together the final touches to a surprise spa party to celebrate my big 3-0! In the meantime I get a phone call that Hudson's striped curtains are finished and ready to be picked up (1 hour away.) My mom is doing everything in her power to not let me go. Enter angry (bitchy) pregnant lady. Turns out there was a surprise party waiting at home for me. I walk in the door, still not processing what I'm seeing, still angry that I haven't been able to get my curtains yet.

Everyone: Surprise, Happy Birthday!!!
Angry Pregnant lady: (not processing whats going on) I can't stay, I'm leaving, I have curtains to pick up."
Everyone: awkward silence
Angry Pregnant lady: (oh balloons, friends, my birthday...) OMG, I'm so sorry, I'm so excited to see everyone!!!

Probably not the initial reaction everyone was expecting, but in the end a super fun night! Mr. A had gotten all my besties together and arranged an in house spa/wine night. Umm, major points on this one hubby! It was my first ever (and maybe last with that reaction) surprise party. Thank you everyone for such a fun night, love you all!!!