Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From a 2 year old.

It's still a little surreal sending my little man off to school already. 
 I mean, dropping him off, and leaving him somewhere, without me, for an entire 2.5 hours!  
Don't get me wrong, those are some damn good 2.5 hours, but I still miss him like crazy.

The teachers don't say much as parents are picking up their kids.  
Just a quick, "good day," or "we need to work on calming down a little bit." 
(I don't know WHO heard that message :)

On the way to school (day 2 keep in mind) he said:
N: Mommy I tired of school
Sigh...only 20 more years little one...only 20 more years.

The only way I really hear what goes on is by letting Nolen tell me, randomly, thoughout the day.  
So heres what he did today...

N:  "I fall down with Joshua and cry like 'Whaaa, Whaaaa.' Teacher come and time out." 
 *I pair this together with the teachers message that him and Joshua have been wrestling at school.
M: Were you and Joshua playing rough and that's why you fell
N: Yes, tiiiimmme out!

N:  We be quiet at God's house.  
M: (knowing they were going to Chapel this week) Oh did you go to the big God's house?
N: Yes, I see drums

N:  I color on table, teacher say (shaking finger) 'No color on table.'

N: I sing 'AHHHHAAHHHHH' (in a LOUD yelling voice.) No singing in school.
M: Were you sining loud like that?
N: Yes, teacher say 'NO singing'

Sounds like an adventurous day in pre-pre-school!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School days


Nolen will always be my little man, even when littler men come along.  
So how is it that my little man had his first day of school today?  
Okay, well not officially school, but 2 day a week 2-year old school. 

We talked a lot about school in the prior weeks so that it would be familiar when the time came.  
We walked into that little classroom with 2 teachers, 8 little ones, and 8 worried parents. 
 Nolen grabbed onto me and squeezed tight so I wouldn't leave. 
 I asked the teacher if they had any brooms, and then all was well.  
She also offered him a dustpan. Teacher winning in his book.

My friend Terri and I had been Oh-so-excited for this day.  
The day when we could sit at Starbucks and catch up without chasing 2 crazy toddlers.  
We sat and talked.  
We asked how this was possible, I mean we had just met in childbirth class like yesterday.
 Then looked at each other and decided to go spy.  
There we stood on the corner, squinting to make out the boys on the playground.  

M: "I wish we had binoculars"
T: "Oh I have my camera, with a super zoom."

We got there 30 minutes early to pick them up, sitting like 2 anxious school girls.
Then they came out, single file line, backpacks, artwork and sippies in hand.
They were all smiles.

Not sure what exactly they did, as 2 year old talk can be a bit choppy.

I heard:
"Joshua poopy in potty, I eat goldfish, teacher my buddy, I go back to school."
We'll call today a success (for both boys and mommies.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 months old

 Hudson may be a little brother but that's about the only little thing on him. 
 Big bubba weighed in today at 14 pounds 1 ounce and was just shy of 25". 
That's 90th percentile for height and weight. 

He's in 3-6 month clothes while big brother is still rocking size 6-12 month shorts. 
This could get interesting.

I have maybe seen Hudson cry 10 times in his little baby life 
(yes, knock on wood, he's THAT good.).

Today made #11 when he got his first set if shots.
 Poked in both legs, face beet red, and lots of baby tears.

I forgot how much fun baby shots are.
 Popped boob in mouth and all was good in the world again.

Enjoy our 2 month pictures (a few week late.)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby mullet

Business in the front party in the back.

Notice anything?

Did you notice anything different?  We got a new header.  Nixed the 'Baby' in Nolen's journey, and added little brother to the mix.  It's now official, we are a family of 4.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily thoughts of a 2 year old Nolen

Nolen and I have many deep conversations, actually, we usually end up having the same conversations...

N:  Hudson wake up?
M: No Hudson't asleep, lets let him rest.
N:  AHHHHHHHH, look Hudson wake up!

N: I give Hudson kiss?
M:  Yes, you may give Hudson a kiss.
N: I give Hudson hug?
M: Yes you may give....I said HUG NOT HIT!

N: Hudson come out of Mommy belly?
M:  Yes, Hudson came out of Mommies belly.
N: Hudson be big?
M: One day, but for now Hudson is a little baby.
N:  I little baby, WaaaaWaaaa...

N:  Hudson hungry?  Hudson eat Mommies milk?
M:  Yes, Hudson is hungry and wants some of Mommies milk.
N: Nolen have some? (As he throws himself under my nursing cover)
M:  Tim, Tim, I need help...

 N:  Hudson do poopy?
M: Yes, Hudson pooped
N: Ahhh Hudson, you silly Hudson!

N:  I tickle Hudson, TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE.

Hudson might not be able to talk yet, but I have no doubt he's taking notes brother!