Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 9

Nolen has his first friend, baby Joshua. We met Joshua's parents during childbirth class while his mommy and I were both still big and pregnant. We spotted them as soon as class started that day. There they were, among a crowd of what appeared to be circus freaks (sadly not an exaggeration, one couple worked at a traveling fair.) They looked about our age, and more importantly, NORMAL! We grabbed our first chance to talk to them in the elevator after lunch. We exchanged numbers,kept in touch the next few months, now here we are with our little men playing together. (Baby Joshua was born just 3 weeks before Nolen.)

There is something so nice, so refreshing, about hanging out with other "baby people." They just get it. When a baby decides to cover baby and mommy in explosive poop it's A-OK, baby people get it. When your shirt begins getting two mysterious round circles around your boobs,when your cheeks turn hot and red after one glass of wine because you haven't drank in 13 months, when you have to call it a night at 10pm because it's almost feeding time again, when you have to stop and nurse every two hours, when you make plans to walk at 2:00 but don't actually start walking until 5:00, when you can be perfectly entertained taking pictures of your babies, when you get so excited that the house your at has a changing pad, when all you want to do it talk about babies, well you ROCK!


  1. I left you a surprise on my blog. I know you already got one before, but I just HAD to include you. :) lol

  2. I agree! Baby people rock! I need to find myself a baby friend. I only have one friend who is close in age and he's like 4m older.

  3. hi from the TMC!

    i used to be annoyed by baby people - now i consider them my kind of crowd. funny how life changes!