Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 7

We have a smiler! And we're not talking gas smiles... we have REAL smiles! Little man is becoming more and more aware and alert everyday. This week he started smiling at funny things that mommy and daddy do. When we find something that gets a smile we do it over and over again until eventually it turns into a frown. See exhibit A.

Then we find a new smile provoker. What gets smiles so far: Songs about poop, asking him if he's a stinky boy (insert high squeaky voice,) calling him handsome or a cutie pie (MomMom found this one,) or simply tapping his nose and chin while making some kind of beeping sounds. It's amazing the things you'll do to get a baby laughing. We might look like lunatics but it's all SO worth it! Those 3am feedings are a little easier when they start and end with a Nolen smile :)


  1. Does he have red hair? Such a doll.

  2. Yes...he's our little reddy! :)

  3. A man of a million expressions! I love it!