Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 10- North Carolina

First off I must say that I am LOVING maternity leave. Not only do I get to spend 24/7 with my little stinker, but we're also able to take spur of the moment vacations! Some people say you shouldn't take your baby out until at least 8 weeks, well, we couldn't stay put that long. We've been going since the first week. Little one is a frequenter of Target, Baby Gap, and Starbucks. He's also traveled to the beach (Amelia Island), Augusta Georgia, and most recently the mountains of North Carolina. This trip was also his first plane ride. Yikes! I was totally stressing the days before wondering how such a little guy was going to do on a flight. Would he scream, would his ears hurt him, would he be "that baby?" Well the little one did awesome! In fact as soon as we took off he was out cold. (That could have had something to do with the fact that I shoved my boob in his mouth during take-off and landing, once again amazed at the power of boobies.)
We had a great time in NC, making sure all 4 grandparents got lots of snuggles and smiles in. Nolen liked North Carolina so much that he decided to leave behind his hair. Seriously. Our ten day trip coincided with Little mans newborn hair falling out. We left Orlando with a beautiful red-headed baby and returned with a balding (only in random spots) little man. (please note the sideburns, still very much in tack, with no hair above.)

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