Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Day for Little Man

Today was a big day for our little man. He turned two months, finally fit into his blue jeans, went to see Dr. W (now weighs 11 pounds & 10oz, and is 23 3/4" long,) and survived the dreaded 2 month shots. Ugh, those darn shots. Little man was all smiles this morning. Shooting smiles to all the ladies in the waiting room (mommy included, he likes to flirt.) He had no idea what was coming. Those nurses got him, 3 times to be exact, in his tiny little chubby thigh.

He screamed, mommy cried. Please remind me how bad hepatitis really is because it can't be as bad as those shots. As soon as the nurse was gone I was shoved my boob in his screaming little mouth. The power of the boobies, I guess some things never change for boys!

One nap later and all was forgotten. For Nolen at least...


  1. I love your comment about boobies, haha! It's weird how dang quick it soothes a baby! Sorry you had to experience the dreaded shot day. I hate it EVERY time, and it doesn't get any better. :(

    I probably hurts you worse than him though.

    He sure is stinkin' cute!!!

  2. Shots are the worst! GG got hers at 2, 4, and 6 months. We just had our 9 month today and no shots at least until our 12 month appt. Whew! Your little boy is adorable. Just found you through Theta Mom, and looking forward to reading more.

  3. Wanted to email but can't find your address so instead I'm leaving a comment. Just read that you are a teacher. I was a teacher (elementary 2 and 3) before staying home after last year. Also we're from FL and spent about 10 years in Gainesville. Loved UF and stayed for a while afterwards, plus my husband was getting his PhD. Anyway about the rug thing, you'd think for as much money as PB rugs are they wouldn't do that. Oh well! Have a good one!

  4. He is so adorable!! His smiles are just too much. This does not help with my recent {self} diagnosis of baby fever! :)

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