Friday, April 2, 2010

Week 6- Happy Easter!!!

So Nolen and I went shopping this week. I've learned how to properly time these things so that we can get a pretty decent day of shopping in. After little ones morning feeding we jump in the car and drive promptly to our destination of the day. I know that if we're at the Florida mall we need to be close to Nordstrom around feeding time so we can use their wonderful "mothers nursing room." If we're at Milena we must stay close to Neimans for the same reason. If we choose to go to the outlets we need to bring a pumped bottle unless we want to sit in JCrews dressing room and nurse. See, I have figured it all out in these past 5 weeks! On Wednesday I decided to head to Marshalls. I knew that I had 1 hour, possibly 2 before he would need to eat. Well Nolen decided otherwise. He went from a deep sleep to a hungry scream. There I was, trapped in the shoe isle. I figured that the women who was trapping me in the isle would hear the baby, see my urgency to get out of the isle, and MOVE! You would think. Instead she turns to me and says, "Um, I think your baby is hungry." Oh jeez, you think lady, what would I have done without you. I leave angry, calling that women some choice words in my head! Fast forward to later that day. I head downtown to meet a friend for coffee (oh Mollie how I've missed you!) We're enjoying our time, catching up, little man starts to cry so I know it's time to eat. Mollie holds him as I get under my hooter hider (aka nursing cover) and get things ready for business. I look up and who do I see, THE MARSHALLS LADY! Ugh, here I am again, crying baby in tow. She glares, I sigh. What are the chances!

I'm off to work, I've got my tie on!

Tough day at the office!

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