Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 months!

I thought one month passed ever-so-quickly. Then I blinked and he's already 2 months, I can't believe it. Two months is a time of baby milestones, and Nolen is no exception. On Monday he'll have the dreaded 2 month shots. The poor little guy has no idea what's coming. I've heard it's 100x harder for mommy then baby and I believe it, I've been dreading these shots for a month now :( He has also mastered the dutch oven. A dutch oven, for those that don't know, is when a person (usually a man) releases a large fart while trapping it and another person under the covers. Nolen's version involves a Mommy, a Baby Nolen, and our nursing cover. He waits until he positioned for feeding time and then dutch ovens (my new verb) his mom. There's no questioning that this ones a true little man! His father is proud. (Below is his secret weapon, adorable and deadly!)

On Monday I took a trip to Babies R Us for a few essentials (It was our big outing of the day!) I had exactly 3 things on my list.

1. Baby wipe warmer (a second to be exact, the same husband who laughed at my first wipe warmer is the same husband who suggested we get a second for our bedroom, funny huh.)

2. A sleep sack (our little man is breaking out of his swaddle every night, it's time to move on, sigh.)

3. And a travel bathtub for our many vacations (we had a traveling bird, and now we have a traveling baby, the boy likes to travel but still needs his bath!)

Well I came out with those three things and about 500 more (sadly only a slight exaggeration.) I wondered up and down every isle. "Oh I didn't know they made those for babies, ooohhh look at these, wow how did I ever live without this?" Babies-R-Us = Crack for mommies. One of my more exciting purchases of the day was a sun shield pop up tent with UV protection. I love nothing more then baking in the sun, and unfortunately my child hates the heat. When we walk outside in the the Florida heat he cries and frowns until we once again enter the air conditioning. We tested it out this week in Amelia Island and I think we have a winner. He played and slept in his new tent for a good two hours! Amen sun tent!


  1. My little one does the same thing when he starts nursing. I think it must be a boy thing!

  2. Love the beach pics!! You look great and Nolen is so handsome! We're gonna have to get us one of those sun tents for this summer.

  3. SO adorable!!! And welcome to TMC!

  4. I had no idea thay had sun tents! My husband plans on being in a car show this year, that will come in handy!
    The beach pics are adorable.

  5. Hi there! Found your adorable blog on TMC!

    First off.... Can I just say how GOOD you look for having a baby 8 weeks ago! Your little boy is so precious. Looks like you are having tons of fun with him. OH... and Babies R Us... I never leave that place with ONLY the things I was planning on getting. :)

    New follower! http://www.gerberdaysblog.com