Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 5

Little man had his first trip to the beach this week! Like the baseball game, I don't think he was very impressed. We went to Crystal River, FL to celebrate Tim's Grandfathers 80th birthday. I was a little nervous about heading to the beach, and sleeping in a hotel, with such a new baby but we did just fine! In fact it was nice to have so many family members around holding and playing with him. It gave me some time to catch my breath. I think I was able to go a full 20 feet away from him for no longer then 15 minutes at a time. I'm having attachment issues. Up to this point the only time I have left him was when he was just a few days old. Tim and I went to Target to pick up some last minute baby items. We left little man at home with my mom, so I knew he was in good hands. That didn't matter. I cried the whole way home because I missed him so much (I blame hormones.) I can't imagine that I'll ever be ready to leave him. No one knows all his tricks like his mommy does. They don't know that when he's upset you can hold his hands and talk to him to calm him down. They don't know that after he eats he likes to sit upright and tell you all about his day. They don't know that stroking his little head and eyebrows can put him right to sleep. They don't know that when he's grunting he's not upset, he's just talking to you. They don't know that he'll smile when you sing to him and nibble on his baby toes. And the biggest one...only Mommy has the goods! What if I leave him and he gets hungry? There's only one solution to this problem, I'm sticking close to my little man until he goes to college. And then I might just go to college with him!

I thought that I had just about mastered the whole showering process while caring for an infant. I would simply take his bouncer into the bathroom with me! For the most part he's content to sit and bounce while I get my shower. Not so much this past week. On Wednesday he sat bouncing just long enough for me to get lathered up from head to toe. He then decided to lose it. Not just little whimpers, but full out baby screams. I frantically rinsed off as quickly as I could, grabbed my towel and shook-it-like-salt-shaker to dry off. I threw the shower door open to grab my screaming man. In one instant he went from screaming to sound asleep. Sigh. Shower = fail.

(He loved the beach, NOT! Maybe in a few more months!)


  1. oh i totally understand this! only mommy knows what to do! corbin is seven months old and i've only left him once and that was with the hubs and only for four hours! i hear its nice to go on a date night with your husband or get some me time but im just not ready!

  2. He is sooooooooooooooo cute. My son is 4.5 months and I'm still not ready to leave him. *sniff sniff*