Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week 33

Have you ever wanted to be a little bug on the wall... a little bug that can overhear peoples thoughts and conversations. Well that's kind of what I've been lately. Only I'm not a little bug, I'm just the sober one in a room of intoxication. I've survived my first sober 4th of July, Football season, Thanksgiving, Xmas & New Years. This has taken a little getting used to, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it. Everyone starts off on the same level and then before you know it Ryan is using champagne bottles as falic symbols, peoples voices
are growing louder and louder, and the stories are getting crazier and crazier (gerbils anyone.) I've also found that our guy friends get a little more comfortable with the whole "pregnancy" thing once they have a few drinks in them. Once this happens they suddenly want to touch and talk to the belly. Oh the things that little Nolen's ears have already heard. I guess this is all a part of the game when your the first of your friends to have a baby. Baby Nolen is everyones "learning baby."
Saturday we attended the Gator Bowl, which was also Bobby Bowden's last game. Not sure if it was from the cold/wet weather, or just being overly tired, but I was having some major braxton hicks. So many (and so strong) that I thought our little man was going to make an appearance right then and there. All I could think was, "Oh no, here comes Nolen, and Tim will want to change his name to Bobby Bowden Astor." Below is our debut on TV. Although it doesn't appear so, I had a a lot of fun! I was just slightly distracted with my contractions... so please excuse my beauty.
In belly news... things are getting a little ridiculous. I feel as though I'm walking around with 10 pound weight attached to my stomach. A 10 pound weight that punches me in the ribs and bladder. At night I feel like a beached whale as I have to heave-ho my belly from one side to the other. In fact I probably sound like a beached whale as well when I add in my sound effects, "uuugggghhhhhh, plop."
All complaining aside, I would take this uncomfortableness any day. I love having my little man with me all day and night. He can kick and punch me whenever and where ever he wants! With only 7 weeks left (or less) I'm feeling anxious, excited, nervous, over prepared, under prepared, scared, and thrilled about meeting our little man! We truly can't wait!
This is the last week of having a guest bed in Nolens room!!! Sorry guests, it's an air mattress or sofa for you from now on. We're finally able to start getting Nolen's furniture situated and room decorated! I've had the vision in my head, now it's go time! Stay tuned for pictures in the coming weeks!


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  2. Where did that pic come from? Its hilarious! You look miserable.