Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 34

Happy week 34 to me! This week was extra special because it was also the week of my first baby shower! Nolen and I were showered with love (and loads of cute baby things!!!) I had a house full of friends and family, and loved every minute of it. Nothing better then 7 of your favorite women all under one roof for the weekend. Amongst those 7 women was an extra cute one named Peri, my 6 month old niece. Peri was not only entertaining and cute, but also a great learning tool for Tim. My mom and I decided to leave Tim and Peri home alone while we ran to pick up dinner-to-go. We figured he could survive anything for 15 minutes. As we walked out the front door Peri sat in his lap looking as frightened as Tim. He asked what to do if she cried and we said, "just figure it out." Oh man, what we would have given to be a little fly on the wall. Well we get dinner and return to find Tim holding Peri, under his arm, on her belly...standing literally 2 inches from our 60" TV. "The only way I could get her to stop crying was to let her watch TV." Good: he got her to stop crying, bad: that he was holding a baby 2" from a TV. Sigh. We've got some learning/ teaching to do. Get ready Nolen, your going to be me and daddies learning love bug :)
Here are some pictures from my fabulous girls weekend/ baby shower.

(This is the onesie that Mr. Nick designed for Nolen, "the red is blood.")

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