Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 36

My doctors appointment today revealed a baby Nolen who has dropped! His little head is very low, my cervix is very soft,and we're not dilated at all. So we're left waiting, waiting... just sitting here waiting patiently. According to every movie, TV show, book, etc. that I've ever seen up to this point in life I would have thought that by now (9 months pregnant) I would be giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. That however is not the case, I have been fed lies my entire life. There is no such thing as a 9 month pregnancy, women are pregnant for 10 months! Well at least I'm now in the final stretch. I can now reply with "4 weeks to go" or "one more month!" As much as I'm so excited to have Nolen, I'm equally as scared, questioning if I truly am ready to be in charge of such an important little man. Then I think of course I'm ready, I've spent the last nine months getting ready. I've been through childbirth class, baby care class, read every baby/ pregnancy book, not to mention the 10+ years that I've been babysitting other peoples children. We finally get our own! Our own little baby that we can raise, dress-up, play with, laugh with, and do with as we please! Our own little man that we get to keep, and never have to give back!!! A few years back, when I purchased my first car on my own, I had this same feeling of amazement. "They are just going to let me drive this car home, is there a sales man following me, are there cameras in this thing? Is it really mine? Did they really just give ME a Volvo?" I imagine coming home from the hospital with Nolen will leave me with the same astonishment (only times a million!)
Tim has been busy working mostly nights, which limits our communication to the phone. (He's asleep when I leave, I'm asleep when he gets home, sigh, I just keep telling myself it's not forever!) I feel like lately we've been having the exact same conversation daily:
T: What are you doing?
M: Oh, just (resting/shopping/eating/watching TV/working out)
T: Have you been having any contractions
M: yes, nothing huge though
T: Ok, well call me if you go into labor
M: Ok, love you
One of these days (hopefully soon) I'll be able to give him some news worth calling for!
I'll leave you with a few of Megan's life lessons this week...
Life lesson #164: Never go to the grocery store when you are starving, especially when they are having buy-one-get-one sales on cookies AND potato chips!
Life lesson #165: Never go to Target's baby clearance event when your 9 months pregnant. Like a mirage it will appear that you need 2 of everything.

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  1. Yor're going to be a great Mom! You've been a real trooper thru this whole 9 months.Little man is going to love having you & Tim for parents!