Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 32 ~Merry Christmas~

I could get used to this whole non-working, vacation time! I enjoyed a whole work-free week that began with Mommom and PopPop, moved on to Amelia Island, and ended back in our cozy Orlando bed. Flat Rock was fun (and snowy!) I was able to spend some much needed, pre-holiday time with MomMom and PopPop. My mom and I literally shopped until we dropped each day, even icey roads can't stop shopinldy and shopinldy jr! I flew home on Wednesday, just barely avoiding airport craziness caused by the underwear bomber. Seriously people, a bomb in your whitey tighties? Christmas day was fantastic as well! We spent the day with Grandpa and JoJo lounging, napping, skyping, and eating a DeLiCiOuS turkey dinner. The Astor's are officially up and running on Skype, all ready for little man's arrival. You can find us by email: or Skype name: Nolen.Astor. We'll be broadcasting the entire delivery (kidding, kidding, or are we? :)
My latest sonogram today revealed some surprises. Our little man is already pushing 5 pounds! The books all say that he should gain 1/2 pound each week from here on out. (5 pounds + 1/2 pound x 8 weeks= one big baby!) I'm guessing
A. we're either going to have one hefty baby or
B. Little man is going to make his debut before February 17th.
While little man is busy gaining weight supposedly I've been busy losing it? At my appointment today they said I was down 4 pounds. The nurse asked if I had been dieting. Well if you call skipping the gym, drinking Starbucks caramel brulle lattes daily, and putting extra gravy on my Christmas dinner dieting, then yes, I have been dieting! Who knows whats going on, at least our stinker is a growing machine. She didn't seem concerned with the weight lose, so I suppose I shouldn't be either.
The sonogram technicians aren't allowed to say a whole lot, they leave all the talking to your doctor. I was however noticing whenever she took a measurement the machine said he was 34 or 35 weeks along, that's 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Humm... grandparents, you might want to start packing a bag for when you get that special phone call :)


  1. Can't believe "Little Man" is already 5lbs. I think he's planning on an early appearance. It's all so exciting!!!
    Mom Mom

  2. awww. they told me i was measuring 3 weeks ahead so i might have a february baby!!!

  3. Nick and Peri were both a week early, so get ready!

  4. Jack's head measured a month ahead they entire pregnancy! OMG... Most first time babies are late... so don't get your self counting on an early arrival. However, be prepared. It's crunch time... enjoy that sleep thing that you get, and eat out often!