Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 35

This week I reached what us preggers like to call 35/35. I'm in my 35th week with only 35 days left to go! I knew this trimester would go quickly because of all the holidays and showers, but never would have imagined THIS quickly! I had another baby shower this week thrown by some of Tim's mom's friends in Amelia Island. We got some much needed supplies for our little man, along with some awful cute ones! It still amazes me how generous and kind people can be! The shower was complete with everything blue and brown, including the martinis! (*Side note*Nolen, when you are 18 and looking at pictures of me pregnant and holding a martini, please know that mommy was drinking a mocktail!)

I'm thinking that Nolen is going to be making his appearance sooner rather then later. Everyday I wake up to a new symptom, proceed to google it, and then read about how it's a sign of early labor. We've had lots of braxton hicks (almost timeable at times), lower back pain all day and night, morning sickness (for the first time EVER), a dropping belly, and boobs that can now squirt like a super soaker (yikes!)

I have to admit I will miss being pregnant, and all the perks that come along with it. People everywhere are always jumping to help you with your everyday activities. "No, no you can't lift that, let me get it for you." "Well we don't usually take returns, but I think we can just this once." "Oh, this ones one the house, the baby needs it." I've grown so accustom to this special treatment that I have started getting angry when one doesn't treat me like the pregnant queen that I am (I kid, I kid.) I drive down the road yelling at other cars, "I can't believe you wouldn't let the pregnant lady over!" Which brings me to my next thought... no one can tell your pregnant when your in your car, which is why I am going to invent a "pregnant lady on board" sign! Genius. This sign would give you permanent right-of-way, the ability to drive like Speedy Gonzalez (we all know we're just going to give the officer pregnancy excuses anyway), and most importantly parking privileges in handicap parking (so we don't have to waddle as far!) If this invention doesn't take off I have back-up . My next invention involves making designer clothes for little people, but we'll save that for a later post.

Enjoy some pictures of Nolen's almost finished nursery. All we're missing are curtains, a lamp, and a few other details (like a baby Nolen!)


  1. Gee - this room seems so familiar. Wait a minute, I think I was just there this morning - tee hee hee. The letters look great - the whole nursery does! Good job!

  2. The nursery looks great!! Nolen is one lucky baby :) His room looks better than mine!

  3. I love what you've done with the nursery! I especially like the birds in cages :)

  4. LOVE IT MEGAN! So happy for you and Tim. Michael and I have already started trying for baby. It didn't work the first time around, but as soon as I get to TX next month, we're keeping our fingers crossed :) Can't wait to see him.