Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 15

So here we are at week 15...almost 4 months along! Throughout this whole adventure people keep asking "what have you been craving?" I keep responding with "nothing." That is until I think back to the extreme measures that I have gone to, to get certain foods. In the beginning it was bagels with cream cheese and apples. I had a slight melt-down one morning (full on tears) when I realized that Tim had eaten the last bagel. I panicked for a moment before rushing out the door to Publix. Craving, I think so! These days I can't seem to get enough icees or any kind of frozen drink. I made Tim stop at the gas station on the way home one night so I could get my fill of Icees. Well wouldn't you know it, all 4 icee machines were turned off. Nothing but Icee liquid :( At this point I went from really wanting an Icee to NEEDING an Icee right that moment! We frantically thought of other places in town that might have these delicious little drinks.... The movie theater!!! $4.5o later I had my cherry icee in hand. Happy wife= Happy life :)

1 comment:

  1. I wonder what you will want next week? Isn't it amazing what our bodies will demand when they have certain cravings. Glad you're keeping this all written down. We'll miss you this weekend. I'd even go out for an icee with you.