Monday, August 10, 2009

If you look very closely...

So if you look very, very closely you can see a teeny, tiny baby bump! Here we are 3 months along, and still not looking very pregnant. In fact some might look at me and say, "it looks like she ate donuts all summer," or "too many cerverzas for this senorita!" Well there's only so many people you can announce your news to... the grocery clerk, the UPS man (his wife is due the same week), the strange lady who floats next to you in the pool...sigh. I guess you could say that I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting a real baby bump and my new maternity wardrobe (Thanks Heather!)


  1. Love the little tummy. It will get bigger and you'll get to wear all those maternity cloths soon. Great blog. So glad you started it. Keeps us up to date. Love from the soon to be grandparents

  2. YAY! I'm so excited for you! Blog looks great. Can't wait to see the bump...and I'm sure the wardrobe will be just fabulous! Congrats girl!

  3. So, you're wanting to see a bigger tummy - I'll remind you of that, in a few months. You look great - enjoy the glow.