Monday, August 24, 2009

14 weeks

Not much new here...the belly (and the baby) are both growing everyday. Baby Astor can now suck it's thumb, wiggle it's toes, and make urine (interesting.) It's spleen, kidney, and liver are all busy developing. That little liver has a good 18 years to thrive before it's time for college :) (I kid, I kid, kind of.) Little bean is also the size of a lemon.

School started today, I'm pretty brain dead from a LONG day. Opening a new school is a great adventure, but I sure will be glad when all the kinks get smoothed out. I bought a book to read to them, it's called "My Teacher is Having a Baby." It should help answer some questions the next few months when they think their teacher is getting fatter by the day. It should also spark some other questions, "Where do babies come from? How do they get out of there?" I'll be quick to tell them that Mommy and Daddy would LOVE to explain that to them when they get home :) Oh the joys of 2nd grade.

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