Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 16

Happy Labor day weekend everyone! We've officially hit the 4 month mark this week. Little Bean is now the size of an avocado. I think this calls for a celebration, anyone want to go for Mexican food?!? My book said that it is now possible for the baby to hear you, and recognize your voice. It also said that you should talk to your baby often. I tried talking to little bean, but felt kind of silly, not to mention a little crazy, doing it when I was home alone. So now my way of talking to baby is by announcing everything I'm doing out loud. This is WWAAYYY less crazy, :) "Good morning baby, we're going to take a shower, oh, we get to use my new Philosophy shampoo...OK time to eat breakfast..."I also have been reading my magazines out loud. (This one might be genetic, I hear my mamaw does the same thing now.) My favorite read is my US weekly. "Oh baby, did you know that Jennifer Anniston was dissed by her newest beau, he left her for Renee Zelleweger...and Demi Moore is claiming she has never had plastic surgery, whatever!" Little Astor will be born, filled with knowledge of the the latest celebrity gossip!


  1. LOL, I can totally relate. I am sure our little girl hears all about whether or not I am having a good hair day!! And, the whole Jennifer Anniston/Renee Zelleweger ordeal is very important!!! :)


  2. We all talk to ourself one time or another so don't feel bad. Little bean will understand! We miss you Megan. Hope you are enjoying your journey. Love, Joanne