Thursday, August 13, 2009

First test...check!

So baby bean had it's first test this week, the NT scan. It's a combination of tests that look for Downs syndrome and Trisomy 18. It started with an ultra sound where they measured the baby's neck and nose. This proved to be a little more difficult then expected because little Astor would not sit still. Baby Astor also thought it would be funny to put it's hands over it's face while the nurse was trying to get a nose measurement. A few more flips and kicks and the measurements were finally recorded. Next step blood work... A week later we were told that baby bean passed with flying colors. 1 in 10,000- doesn't get any better then that! Go baby go!!!
Also in the news this bean is now the size of a peach! That's a long way considering it was just a poppy seed 12 weeks ago!

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  1. Go baby go! It's amazing all the new information and the personal journey you can take.