Saturday, March 3, 2012


Life lesson #324, don't throw a pregnant, hormonal lady a surprise birthday party. You may just get your head bit off in the process.

Let me take you back to Saturday. Mr. A and my mom were busy at work getting together the final touches to a surprise spa party to celebrate my big 3-0! In the meantime I get a phone call that Hudson's striped curtains are finished and ready to be picked up (1 hour away.) My mom is doing everything in her power to not let me go. Enter angry (bitchy) pregnant lady. Turns out there was a surprise party waiting at home for me. I walk in the door, still not processing what I'm seeing, still angry that I haven't been able to get my curtains yet.

Everyone: Surprise, Happy Birthday!!!
Angry Pregnant lady: (not processing whats going on) I can't stay, I'm leaving, I have curtains to pick up."
Everyone: awkward silence
Angry Pregnant lady: (oh balloons, friends, my birthday...) OMG, I'm so sorry, I'm so excited to see everyone!!!

Probably not the initial reaction everyone was expecting, but in the end a super fun night! Mr. A had gotten all my besties together and arranged an in house spa/wine night. Umm, major points on this one hubby! It was my first ever (and maybe last with that reaction) surprise party. Thank you everyone for such a fun night, love you all!!!

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  1. HAHA! That's hilarious and so you! Sounds like an awesome party!!!!