Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 29

How Far Along: 29 weeks

How Big is Baby: Hudson is around 16". He should be weighing somewhere around 3 pounds at this point. The good news is that my last weigh in at the doctor seemed to be a little off. Weeks ago it said I was up 15 pounds, I blame my boots and sweater dress that day. My last appointment revealed that I'm only up 13 pounds. Whew, sounds much better!

Clothes: Maternity, maternity, maternity. Sadly some of my maternity clothes are getting a little snug. Holy Cow, wondering what I will be wearing in 10 weeks?!?

Exercise: I'm like the bearded lady in step class. People stare, some make comments, but I keep going. Jumping over my step like a crazy lady. Loving it, feeling good, no plans on stopping.

Best Moment this week: Super excited to have our family maternity shots done on Sunday. Same photographer who we used for Nolen, so glad to be back in FL so we can use her again!!! Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peak!

Food Cravings: Fruit salad, berries, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, loving ice cold fruit & root beer floats.

Movement: He's been a wild man, Daddy can see him dancing in my belly from across the room. I try and imagine what song he may be jamming out to in there.

Gender: Still a boy, Nolen still says sister.

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks, they are a little stronger the second time around.

What I miss: Sushi & wine. Have them waiting for me when we leave the hospital!

What I'm looking forward to: Girls weekend! Every year my sisters, mom, and I plan a girls weekend. This year everyone coming to me. So excited to see Aunt Tata, and Aunt Yaya!!! My friend also mentioned that she's doing a shower for Hudson, Yay, I didn't think you got baby showers for baby #2, such an awesome surprise!

Weekly Wisdom: A classroom full of 35 2nd graders + a pregnant (no patience) teacher= horrible combination. Oh June, where art thou.

Milestone: Momma was busy nesting the week of spring break. I cleaned baby clothes, organized his closet, hung his AmAzInG curtains, put together the crib, created some nursery art, and ordered his new swing. We may appear ready, but don't' plan on coming out any time soon little man!

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