Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My big boy & my big weekend

A dear friend of mine had her baby shower over the weekend, in Maryland. A quick trip up and back makes for one tired mommy. I just think of all these little flights as practice rounds for our big flight to Italy coming up this summer. It will just be like flying to Maryland, 10 times :(

Part of me thinks it will be easier flying with a bigger baby. He can eat real food, he can communicate better when he needs something, he can watch movies on the Ipad (I know it's bad, don't judge.) Then the other part of me, the part that flew with him this past weekend, thinks that Momma's gonna need a few drinks on this flight. I won't say he was awful , but definitely more challenging then previous flights.

The same big boy who is now able to communicate better sometimes choose to communicate through a loud screeching (think little girl sticking her feet in boiling water) noise. He also didn't understand the concept of 'remain in your seat with your seat belt buckled at all times.' He wanted to dance, and run, and go visit with every passenger. Then there was the new game he played that involved taking everything out of the seat back pocket and handing it to the stranger beside us (thank GOODNESS she was happy to play along.) Next he decided to fix hair, unfortunately it belonged to the person in front of us. We can't forget his other new game , it's called 'lets throw everything I can get my hands on down the isle.' (That was a fun one!) We finally had peace (so I thought) as he quietly occupied himself over my shoulder. Turns out he was busy removing the emergency signs located on the back wall. Oh dear. Italy could be a very, very long flight.

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