Thursday, March 3, 2011


This week at school I was showing a map of the United states to my third graders. I was reminded of a time, sadly just a few short years ago, when I had a revelation. Mr. A and I were having a conversation that went something like this:

Me: We should go to Hawaii, I've never been and I think I'd like it.

Mr. A: Well it's a really long flight, that would take up 2 days of our vacation.

Me: No it wouldn't, it can't take any longer then our flight to Colorado, or that one to Oklahoma, 3 hours is nothing.

Mr. A: It's like a 12 hour flight

Me: There's no way **grabbing out a map** you see it's like the same distance from FL as Colorado, so if it's 3 hours to get that far then it would only be 3 hours to get to Hawaii.

Mr. A: **eyes grow wide** Hawaii is not below Texas, they just put it in that box so it will fit on the map, Hawaii is wayyy over here.

Total blond moment. I blame my 7th grade geography teacher.