Friday, March 18, 2011

Dum, Dum, Dum...

(This was a taken by the one and only, Nolen)

We have entered into yet another new phase, the 12 month wakeful. You see when a baby acquires a new skill (in this case walking) their sleeping declines. It's because all they want to do is practice their new trick. Last week Nolen woke up faithfully at 4:30 am, ready to walk. For a moment I blamed day light savings, but then I realized that should be working in our advantage. Well fingers crossed that this is just a phase, the past 2 days we've slept in, until 6am.

Saturday we spent the day at my school's spring carnival. Nolen was in awe. He is some what of a celebrity among my 3rd graders. This could be because I start every school day with a picture, story, or video of little man. Also if the students are good, Nolen sometimes stops by as a reward. They LOVE it, they love him (it melts my heart.) So back to the made me realize just how big my little man actually is. He was able to enjoy the bounce house, ran over to the petting farm (Stinky) and has his first taste of a snowcone (or 3.) He grinned that sweet toothy smile every time a little voice yelled, "look, it's baby Nolen!"

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