Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Mommies birthday!!

Mommy is turning 29 years young, it's my birthday week! That's how we do it around my house, not a birthday day, instead a birthday week. Mr. A and I started the celebration with a mini vacation to Atlanta (he's still there in training for his new job.) Aquarium, shopping, eating, and most importantly sleeping! He kept asking what I wanted to do on our mini vacation and sadly the only thing I could think of was sleep. I just really wanted to lay in bed all day and sleep. Funny how things change. We were pitiful without the little guy in tow. Everywhere we went we'd say "Oh Nolen would love looking at those fish." "Nolen would have loved seeing the giant coke bottle." "Oh, if Nolen was here he'd be laughing at this." or then there was our romantic dinner date where a baby sat conveniently close. We sat playing peek-a-boo, and talking about how many teeth our little man has. Daddy was even giving advice on teething necklaces. Oh how times change. Next year my birthday plans will include the little guy (and maybe some more sleep!)

Below are a few pictures from my trip to Maryland last week...

First off are my best girl friends from HS. Trouble we were, but look at how good we turned out :)

Next we had a visit with my good friend Danielle and FINALLY got to meet her cutie patootie Kellan. Him and Nolen loved each other, I just wished we lived closer :(
(please excuse me in this picture, Saturday night I forgot and thought I was 21 again,
Yager bombs are NOT my friend anymore!)

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