Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I sat down to pump at work this morning and realized I was missing a key factor, BOTTLES! Slight panic, talked to boss, told her if I was going to try and make it through the day, but may look like Dolly Pardon by 3:00. Tried, oh-so-hard, to make it but I couldn't. Things were getting a little large and out of control by 1:00. That's when my great idea hit me, zip locks & rubber bands! Ahhh, relief. Now it's strange enough to have to put my milk in the staff refrigerator, even more embarrassing when it's a milk in a zip lock contraption!

While I'm on pumping stories (aren't I always?!?) I'll indulge you in another. A few weeks ago I was coming out of the employee bathroom, aka my pumping station. When I came out, our maintenance man (he's maybe 20) was sitting at the lunch table. He glanced at me, then at the bottles. He did a double take. I could just see the wheels turning in this poor kids head, "how did she, what did she, what, how..." For a brief second I thought about explaining. Instead I just smiled and waved hello. Now anytime I see him he doesn't make eye contact, poor kid!


  1. They make you pump in the bathroom? They just passed a law here last year that the employer has to provide you with somwhere besides a bathroom to pump.

  2. I have been back at woth for only 4 weeks...and have already forgotten the pieces that connect to the know...the pieces that actually do the pumping! luckliy husband was able to grab them on his way out and stop by on his way to work