Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 39

(Please excuse the drool...but notice the necklace)

I am a complete sucker for baby products. The first time I walked into a BuyBuy baby I had a slight panic attack, good anxiety, just on overload. I was in shock that there were hundreds, thousands of baby items that I had no clue I needed. Medicine dispensers in the form of a paci, organic baby massage oil, teethers that vibrate, toothbrushes shaped like bananas, food that squirts right out of the container... ahh... so much I never knew I needed (I use the term needed very loosely.) I have a really hard time walking out of BuyBuy Baby without a cartload of goodies. I'm always looking for the next thing to get to bring a smile to our little man's face.

This week was tough because we're teething again. Those molars are pushing their way into his teeny, tiny mouth. One has broke through, and 3 more are right behind. This week I was on a mission to find some relief for him. Baby Oragel doesn't work because he just likes to eat it. Teethers would be nice, but can't reach those molars. I did a little research and found baby necklaces made from Amber. The amber stones are suppose to release something when they are warmed by the skin. Whatever they release is suppose to help ease the pain of teething! Now there's no way to prove this, but all I know is as soon as we put his necklace on he was back to his old self again! (Not to mention it looks SO cute, like a little surfer baby.)

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