Sunday, December 12, 2010

Found it!

Ok...after hours of searching online I think I've come up with the perfect baby gifts. I was trying to think of things, sentimental things that I would still hold close to my heart at age 28. Baby David Yurman jewellery! Great thought, only I don’t think they make that yet (and if they did it would be an expensive gift.) Next best thing, that little blue box! Think Tiffany's' jewellery shrunk down to baby size! It's genius. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for money purposes) it's not really Tiffany's, but it does have the same appearance. Honestly, these little ladies won't know they’re missing a special blue box until at least age two.

The site is by a designer named ‘The Molly Brown Collection.’ Her jewelry is all made of precious metals (aka, will hold up,) gemstones and pearls. Keepsakes! One that they might still be trying to rock at age 28. Now what baby girl doesn’t need jewellery! Added bonus, everything from this site comes gift wrapped beautifully, cha-ching…one less thing to do!

They have miniature pearl bracelets, Sterling silver bean necklaces, my favorite,"Tiffany inspired" charm bracelets that can be personalized, earring, necklaces, you name it they have it. Aunt Megan is going to start these little bitties jewellery collection off right with baby jewellery. Now I only wish they had grown-up jewellery.

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