Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week 34- Tallahassee

This weekend we took a mini vacation to Tallahassee. Nolen not only got to see Papa Rick & JoJo, but he also got to see his first FSU football game! (Daddy was beside himself.) I love weekends in Tallahassee. It's where we both went to school (Tim all 4 years, me just the last few years.) That's also where his parents went to school, and met, at his dad's Frat house (how cute is that!) These Tallahassee get-a-ways give us all just a few days to relive the good ol' years. A few days to just kick back at a tailgate, eat some good food, and watch some FSU football.

I. love(d). college.

I love that we'll always have Tallahassee. We'll always have football season, a reason for all of our friends to get-to-gether. It gets harder and harder when that little thing called work comes along. People can't travel as much, making those visits less and less frequent. We always know we have football season. This game was no exception. Our friend Heidi traveled up from Orlando (I miss you SO much already,) Mark came from St. Pete and, Travis and Matt came from Jacksonville. All coming together for our "always amazing" tailgates. Leanne gets all the credit here, she always puts together the best tailgates. Think themed food (FSU vs. NC= BBQ & spiked sweet tea,) TV with Satellite, and FSU EVERYTHING (cups, chairs, napkins, table cloths, get the idea.) It's the perfect setting for gamedays! (Leanne is also the one who encouraged me to start this blog, loves it! She's on the left.)

I remember going to games last year thinking "this time next year we'll have a little man with us." It was so awesome to actually have him there. Yes, nursing mama couldn't drink, yes we had to go late so he could finish his nap, yes we had to leave during the 1st quarter because it was so cold, but all totally worth it. Lots has changed since last year. Gone are the tailgates filled with beerpong and jello shots. Now we have Nolen, Heidi with pregnant with a little peanut, and Mark and Carline are welcoming a new one in February. These crazy boys have traded their beer (well kind of) for babies.

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