Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 35

Whoever invented Day light savings must not have a baby. Nolen totally missed the memo and was up at 4am, yikes! Thankfully our Tallahassee weekend coincided perfectly with the time change. We were off our normal schedule anyway making it a little easier to adjust. I think we're finally, knock on wood, back on track. Whew!

Little man is as awesome as ever these days. Everyday, I find myself locking up the classroom, ushering (maybe a gentle push here or there) the last of my students out the door so I can leave (running) exactly at 4:00. The drive home is full on 'pedal to the medal.' I literally can't get home fast enough. I can't wait to get home to hug and kiss that little man. I crave baby.

One of my biggest 'working mommy fears' is missing out on his firsts. It seems everyday I come home he's learned a new trick. I know, I just know, one day soon I'm going to come home to a walking boy. Not a crawling boy, that's too slow. This boy is going straight for the gold. He's got places to be, people to see, magazine to rip, & drawers to empty. Any chance he gets he's pulling up, holding on, and taking little man steps.

I guess he's picked a good time of year to learn. Mommy gets to spend the whole week of Thanksgiving at home her lovey boy, and then another two weeks at Xmas. He's got 3 whole weeks to show off those legendary first steps. Little man, anytime during the weeks of Novemeber 22nd or Decemeber 19th would work great for Mommy! Wishful thinking, right!

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