Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 18- Happy 4th!

The Astor's have someone watching over them this week! We've had a week of welcomed surprises. It all started Monday...Nolen and I were headed out to our very first Mommies group play date! We were awake, we were fed, we were dressed/showered, we were on time and leaving 30 minutes early to find the library where the mommies were meeting. We found it. Turns out it was the wrong library, oh my. So there we were dressed, out, awake, what to do...go shopping! We headed to the Hobby Lobby. (If you've never been to one before I highly recommend, they have literally everything!) We were busy admiring pictures and chatting with the woman next to us (it's so exciting to talk to someone when you don't know anyone in Augusta!) Our conversation went something like this:

Women: "which picture do you like better?"
me: "humm, I like this one, it has a better frame and the colors are nicer."
Women: "well it's for a principals office."
me: "oh, do you work in a school? I just moved here and I'm looking for a teaching job."
Women: "yes, I work at E Elementary and we're just had a 3rd grade position open. Let me take your name and number so we can set up an interview."
me: "oh great! What grade do you teach there?"
women: "I'm the vice Principal."

DING, DING, DING... we have a winner folks!

She called me later that afternoon and set up an interview that I went to on Friday. We should hear something in a few weeks. Keep those fingers and toes crossed and those prayers coming!!!

Fast forward to Thursday. I was on the phone with the moving company's claim department (a total nightmare.) After an hour I finally got through to an agent. I explained that the movers had lost the hardware to our new pottery barn crib when they took it apart. As a result the crib is now wobbly and really dinged up, it was no longer safe for our little man. I was told (exact words) "mam, we can give you $30 for your crib. If you choose to put your baby in an unsafe crib and something were to happen that would be no ones fault but your own." WRONG answer lady! Crying, yelling, crying, yelling. Nothing. "We can give you $30 mam (for a flipping $1000 crib!)" Sigh. Next phone call was to Pottery Barn to see how much it would be for replacement hardware and a new crib front. My tears turned back on (I blame hormones) as I explained why I needed the new parts.

PotteryBarn: "Oh that's terrible, they are messing with someones life here. I can't believe that they would tell you that...hold one one minute...Okay, you'll be receiving a call to schedule delivery."
Me: "Delivery for the hardware?"
PotteryBarn: "No mam, for your new crib!"
Me: "Oh, a whole new crib, we just needed the parts, we really can't afford a whole new crib."
PotteryBarn: "There's no charge, we want to make sure your little one is safe!"

I heart Pottery Barn.

In Nolen news... I realized that one month from now I could possibly (and hopefully) be back to work (what happened to summer?!?) Now I love spending every minute with my little man, but these all night parties have got to stop before work starts again! Enter Ferber Method. We are in full force Ferberizing. Our little one had become dependent on nursing to fall back asleep each time, whether it was time to eat or not. The Ferber method teaches baby how to fall back asleep on their own between feedings. There's a whole rhythm method to the idea, waiting so many minutes before entering the room to soothe baby. Most nights entail baby crying in the crib while mommy cries in the bed. It's a slight form of torture but we have been seeing some positive results. I'll keep you the meantime here are some pictures of little man. Please excuse his lack of clothing, we've been having daily poo-xplosions!


  1. Wow. That is so amazing that they are sending you a brand new crib! So generous. And about the crying... although it is painful for you it is totally worth it. We did it with my daughter, and knowing they are able to self sooth is such a great reward! Praying you aren't jobless much longer!

  2. Hope the Ferber method works. You can do it Mommy! And if all else fails, just turn down the monitor so you can't hear him screaming quite so well. It helps me to not run quite so fast to "rescue" my little one!