Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 17

Nolen might as well be getting his drivers license, going to college, and getting married. That's just about how fast he's growing and changing these days.

On Wednesday we had the dreaded 4 month doctors appointment. Dreaded by mommy because Dr. L wasn't her favorite Dr. W in Celebration. Dreaded by mommy because this appointment meant 2 more shots. Dreaded by mommy because this was the first appointment that daddy couldn't attend with us. All of this dreading and guess what, it was all Ok! In fact it was better then Ok. I'll go ahead and say it, it was good! Dr. L walked in and immediately I knew we had a winner when my hungry, tired man starting laughing and smiling! What about those terrible shots you ask? Little man was so busy flirting with the nurse (a rather hot nurse I might add) that he never stopped smiling as she stuck him! No cry, no frown, just smiles and eyelash batting! I love this kid. (I wonder if they would get the wrong impression if I requested an attractive nurse for his 6 month shots?)

The doctor filled us in on Nolen's latest stats: weight 13.8 (28th percentile,) height 25 inches (55th percentile,) and most excitingly his head circumference is now 16.8 inches (59th percentile.) Exciting because my little bean has always had a little bean head.(Please note that I spend many pregnant nights praying for a small head, for obvious reasons.) Not anymore, his bean head caught up to the rest of him!

We've jumped right onto the great teething adventure train. ChooChoo. It's pitiful. We've tried everything to make this little guy feel better; gripe water, Oragel, 100's of teether's (including a vibrating strawberry), teething tablets, wet/frozen washcloths, frozen carrots, baby Tylenol...nothing. Well I shouldn't say that, the Oragel works, for about 2 minutes, then he licks it away (why do they make it cherry flavored?) In the meantime I'm still trying to get a picture of our newest addition. It's the cutest little bottom tooth you've ever seen. It'a all ready to start enjoying the good things in life!

Below is the customary "Babies first food" picture, some pictures from our fathers day at the Lake Thurman, some pictures in our new Johnny Jumperoo, and a few cute smiles.


  1. Try Hyland's Teething Tablets for him. They are all natural so you can't overdose on them. They worked great on my daughter because she would always lick the Orajel away too. I would always buy them at Walmart, but I have seen them at the grocery store too.
    Also, when my little one got his shots on Friday, the nurse taught me a trick. She counted to 3 and on 3 I blew in his face and she stuck him with the shot. He didn't cry because he was trying to figure out why Mommy was blowing in his face!

  2. #1 I am jealous of his cute little tooth... but not the actual teething.

    #2 He's such a petite little thing, I sometimes forget that not all babies are ginormous like mine!

    #3 I love his eyes when he smiles.

    That is all!

  3. Soooo cute!! Haha yay for no tears during his shot!