Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home updates...

Our new home is feeling more like home everyday. I've been busy decorating and adding in those "homey" touches. It's been a challenge because I'm still officially unemployed. I've been decorating on a budget, getting crafty, and playing Trading Spaces. Design on a Dime.

My first project (and favorite) is our master bedroom furniture. It was still nice furniture, just a bit dated. We needed to spruce it up a bit and bring it into 2010. I decided that the blond wood would look much better black! (The bed is yet to be painted so you can see what color it was.) I also removed the old, attached, accordion style mirror from the dresser and hung an over sized framed mirror. (Now if painting your furniture isn't trading spaces style...)

Next I decided that little mans room needed some artwork for above his changing station. I bought a few canvas, some black paint and whipped up these little critters for his wall. (I used his favorite flash cards for inspiration.) Aunt Tata made some frames for them and here's the finished product.

Bathroom art was next. Little mans bathroom was just looking drab. It needed some fun, it is after all a babies bathroom. I took his favorite book (Yummy Yucky) and made a few color copies of the pages (Uh, is that legal...shhhh.) Stuck them in some frames, and we have bathroom art.

My mom brought me an apothecary jar we had left over from wedding planning. (We had originally thought we were going to do a candy bar, but then swapped it out for a photo booth.) I filled it with some fake lemons to add a pop of color to our kitchen.

We were so excited to see that our new house had a back deck! (Something you dream about when you live in a condo.) We waited patiently for the after summer sales and got these chairs for a steal! We also took Tim's coffee tables from college, sprayed them with Rustolium, and made them outdoor tables.

Finally, I picked up some flowers (50% off thank you) to add that homey touch to our kitchen table.


  1. Looks gorgeous Megan! When can I come visit??? ;-)

  2. Your bedroom furniture looks great. I'm still sporting black paint on parts of me. Tee hee hee.

  3. The bedroom furniture looks like its turning out to be really nice! It makes a huge difference.

  4. Love it!! Everything looks so good. It's inspiring me to do a face-lift on my house. With all the babies it's been a couple years since I've done any decorating (aside from the nurseries of course). And, I think I'm gonna steal your idea for the bathroom art. I never thought of photocopying from one of their books. Legal or not... great idea!!! Can't wait to come visit sometime. Maybe this fall! Miss you guys! ~tara :)

  5. I love the lemons in the apothecary jar! I have two apothecary jars in my kitchen, one with red apples and one with green limes. I have been thinking of adding a third with oranges or lemons so I can complete my decorating rule of three.


  6. You have great taste!!! VERY CUTE!!