Thursday, July 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I heart favorite things additions. The last one I did was when I was still pregnant, so I thought it was time for an update now that little man has arrived.

1. My Boon Grass drying rack. It makes cleaning bottles fun, I promise! You clean the bottle and simply stick it in the "grass." Stays put, dries quickly. It also makes a fabulous wine glass drying rack (not that I've been drinking lots of wine or anything.)

2. My green baby Bjorn. Little man LOVES this thing. I face him outwards and off we go. Momma can easily get in a few hours of shopping with little man in his Bjorn. Plus it's green and super cute!

3. My nursing covers (notice I said covers not cover, I own 3!) I use them all the flippin' time! It makes feeding time happen anywhere, anytime. Love!

4. Yummy Yucky books. Little man loves to sit and read with mommy and daddy. This series happens to be his favorite. He loves the bright contrasting colors and the silly baby.

5. Nolen's nursery letters. This was one of my first purchases when I was pregnant. I sent Nolen's fabric swatches to Whimsical Rooms and she made custom letters for him. They are hanging right above his crib. They still make me (and Nolen) smile every time I look at them :)

6. Buybuy Baby. If you've never been to one of these before I highly recommend it! We didn't have one in Orlando so when we moved I was more then delighted to see one. It's like crack for mommies. A little on the pricey side, but you can use Bedbath and Beyond coupons there!

7. Little mans bedding. Like his letters, I smile every time I see his bedding. I knew I didn't want the typical 'boy' bedding. You know what I mean, trucks, baseballs, airplanes. I wanted something that looked like it came from Anthropologie. Unfortunately Anthropologie ]doesn't make bedding so I was forced to design it myself. Lucky for me I have a Mom that can sew all my visions galore. I told her we should go into business, she was not too fond of the idea. So for my next baby I've found Wild Honey Pie. Super cute, custom bedding. Love!

8. Baby Gap blue jeans. It's summer time, but I just can't help but put my little man in his bluejeans. They look just like daddies, they make me smile :)

9. The organic terry teether. Yes it looks just like a white washcloth. Yes it is a $15 washcloth. But the boy loves it.

10. Gripe Water. It helps with EVERYTHING. You put the gripe water in and and all the toots come out (seriously within seconds!) It's also been a life saver through our teething adventure. We always have at least 2 bottles on hand!

11. Now you didn't really think I could have a post without this one. He is my #1 favorite thing!

I could go on for hours but I think this covers my favorite of favorite things.


  1. I love my Boon Grass Drying rack! I insisted on it once I noticed that we ALWAYS had bottles piled up next to sink (they're getting used so fast that it's pointless to put them away). It's just too cute for words!

    I also love gripe has saved us HOURS of hiccups!

    Lastly, i can't believe how big Nolan is getting! What a cutie pie:)

  2. I want to get the Boon grass drying rack too - it's worth buying huh? I always have bottles next to the sink too.

    I like that color Bjorn. We do not have a carrier - we want one! I will look into this one.

    Haven't had to use the gripe water yet...guess I should have some just in case!

    Nolen is adorable as always. Love that last pic!

  3. I love your bedding. I am with you and didn't want any of that typical boy stuff. Too common!